IoT Health Monitor

Highfive IoT Healthcare Electronic Design and Manufacturing Services with Free Consulting –ODM & OEM from 2005

Healthcare Smartwatch

It is easy to use one smart bracelet that collects your health data, and an intelligent platform analyze, manage, and propose the most reasonable health electronic solution for you.

Zigbee Gateway

Smart Home IoT Devices

In a very short time, you can make the best choice to purchase smart home sensors and use the corresponding platform to customize your smart home electronic solution now!

Edge Computing Gateway
  • We are in the midst of mass adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing. This trend is driven by the need for real-time data processing and analysis as close as possible to the data source to reduce latency and bandwidth consumption.
  • Edge computing gateways are central hubs that connect IoT devices to edge infrastructure. It converts IoT protocols into data formats that can be processed at the edge and is an important part of edge computing. The gateway is located between the edge device and the cloud, acting as a central repository for the device, reducing the processing pressure on the cloud and providing only useful processed and efficient data. It is a critical device.
ECG Smart Watch 4G

ECG Smart Watch  4G

Advantages of ECG smart watches

  • The cost of use paid by consumers is much lower than in hospitals.
  • In terms of convenience, the best way to use it is with convenient measurement.
  • After the wearer is authorized to start ECG measurement, he will not feel the process of ECG measurement at all, and his daily life will not be disturbed, which can minimize the cost of use.
  • Data accumulation is completed unintentionally.
  • ECG function tests are placed on widely available products, such as watches and bracelets. Under this idea, when users purchase the watch itself, the ECG is just a function, so the purchase cost may be lower;
  • Users need to place their left and right hands on the device for measurement, that is, only users can actively measure, and user habits need to be cultivated.Goes Here
mmWave Radar Fall Detector

mmWave Radar Fall Detector

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mmWave Radar Fall Detector Pro

  • Voice communication and Wall Installation
  • Realize the recognition of human falls. It is easy for the elderly to fall, which often occurs in slippery places such as toilets and bathrooms, and in the kitchen during daily activities. It can accurately obtain personnel location information, provide non-contact, perform personnel detection through accurate point cloud data, and implement fall alarms, receive alarms, and cancel alarm reports.
  • Personnel presence identification and reporting.
  • The determination time and alarm time after a fall can be set.
  • Drop height and drop sensitivity can be set.
  • Privacy protection, protect the privacy of monitored objects.
  • This product has all-day, all-weather, safety, convenience, high sensitivity, stable performance, strong anti-interference, privacy protection, and low power consumption.
  • Millimeter wave radar detection can effectively overcome the adverse effects of light at the same time
  • Voice interaction. It means interacting with people, taking the initiative to ask the person who fell, or the person who fell asking about the equipment.
Portable Power Station Electronic Solution

Smart Renewable Energy

Power System/UPS/Rectifier/ Inverter/ Solar Power / Portable Power Station/Battery Management System–BMS
Healthare Bracelet Electronic Solution

Smart Home & Healthcare Electronic Solution

NB-IoT Electronic Solution

IoT Electonic Solution

AIoT/Smart Device/4G/GPS Tracker/ZigBee/IM2M/Smart Energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management
mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

mmWave Breathing Heartbeat Monitor

radar is a radar detection module based on the millimeter wave Doppler radar theory, adopts 60G millimeter wave radar technology to realize the non-contact perception of personnel’s breathing rate and heart rate. This module is based on the enhanced Doppler radar signal processing theory, and achieves wireless perception of the status of personnel in a specific place through the synchronous sensing technology of Doppler parameters of personnel movement and physiological parameters of personnel.


● Radar detection based on FMCW signal

● Realize synchronous perception of human respiratory rate and heart rate

● The detection distance of breathing and heartbeat is 0.4-2m

● Low output power, no harm to human body

● It is not affected by temperature, humidity, noise, air flow, dust, light and other environmental factors

● The product supports secondary development and adapts to a variety of scenario

● General UART communication interface, providing general protoco

● Four groups of IO are reserved, which can be input and output according to user-defined or simple interface simulatio






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ABOUT US 16+ Years Electronic ODM & OEM

  • Healthcare/4G Smart Wearable/ Wellness/Wearables

  • Smart Home

  • NB-IoT/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters

  • Embedded Development

  • Power System/UPS/Rectifier/Inverter

  • Portable Power Station

  • Access Control/Security/Safety

  • Personal Portable

Electronic ODM with Rich Experience 18+ Years

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

Hardware Design

Firmware Development

IoT Cloud Platform Development

Hiedesign offers a variety of ARM processor-based system-on-module SoMs, from the Cortex-A7 to the more powerful Cortex-A72 core.

Hiedesign SoM ODM

You can choose from different companies, including Allwinner, MTK, NXP, Renesa, Rockchip, ST and other ARM processor suppliers. We welcome custom design services, allowing modifications to our existing hardware and the flexibility to reduce or add components and features.

We can also provide fully customized solutions to meet customer requirements, including turnkey designs.

In addition, the system on each module has a dedicated development board, providing a comprehensive development platform for evaluation and application development. It’s a great demonstration of SoM connectivity capabilities and performance.

Our rich experience as following Electronic Design Services

5G/4G/ZigBee-IoT/M2M/mmWave Radar

Wireless Connectivity / WiFi/Bluetooth

Smart RF/NFC/RF Identification/IR Control

Embedded System/Touch & Input Sensing

USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface


Highfive Electronics is one leading electronic turnkey solutions provider of ODM & OEM based on EMS. It provides turnkey electronic solutions for creative and innovative NB-IoT/M2M/5G/4G smart home devices, digital health devices, renewable energy devices, even you just provide your perfect idea for functions, or we can provide EMS if you have finished the industrial design, mechanical design, PCB design, firmware, platform development, and App, platform, NPI, pilot, etc. It means we can just do those things or items that you need any proces which is from your idea to electronic design of prototypes/NPI/Pilot and mass production fields as our website HIFCARE.

  • Home Application
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Personal Electronics
  • mmWave Radar

  • Smart energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management
  • Security/Safety
  • Healthcare & Wellness/Wearables
  • Industry Control
  • Wi-FI
  • Smart RF/RF Identification
  • IR Control
  • Embedded SysteUSB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared InterfacTouch & Input SensingBluetooth/Wireless Connectivity
  • Hardware development is generally divided into schematic design, circuit design, PCB board design, test board production, functional testing, stability testing, small batch production, formal delivery, or formal use of the market.


Because there is no time to take care of the frequent occurrence of problems such as the loss of the elderly, life, and health safety monitoring cannot be ignored. We have more than 10 years of program development experience, and some medical electronics-related design programs, such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, health data recording, etc. Hope to help you design more excellent medical electronic solutions.

Smart Home

The smart home includes eight subsystems: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat sound), home theater, and multimedia system, home environment control system, etc. In the identification of smart home system products, the smart home produced by us.

Security & Access

It is essential that buildings and homes alike provide a safe and secure environment for those working or living there. A network of sensors deployed throughout a building or home and connected to one another can help prevent intrusions, detect potentially dangerous behavior or continuously monitor the environment to detect fires, leaks, or other potentially dangerous conditions.

Renewable Energy

The Solar Power Solution, in the post-epidemic, there is an even greater need for the application of renewable energy. We are all working to ensure that more people can get clean renewable energy anytime, anywhere. it may be a decisive period transition to renewable energy.

Portable Power Station

The Portable[Power Station, the portable energy storage power supply is a multifunctional portable AC and DC emergency mobile power device. It has a safe lithium-ion battery and inverter conversion technology and has a “backup power station” with lightweight, high capacity, and high power.


The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) converts the DC voltage of the battery or battery pack into AC voltage according to the required amplitude and frequency to ensure the continuity of the power supply in the event of a power failure. Do you lack electricity usually? Contact us now.

Highfive Specialties

  • Quick-Turn of Electronic design and manufacturing
  • Quotes of project in 24 hours
  • Tight Buget and Continuous Cost Down
  • Rich experience for elctronic design and manufacutring services (Prototype, NPI, Pilot, Mix-production,Mass production)
  • EMI & EMC Experts supporting
  • Free Electronic Consulting Services
  • Group Resources

If you are looking for one satisfactory and reliable electronic design and manufacturing partner, please contact us now, so that you would think we are satisfactory, reliable, and practical electronic design and manufacturing partner to you.

Hiedesign always pay attention to quick response, do what we say, say what we say, rich technical experience, free technical consultation as belows:

  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Electronic Design & Development
  • Prototyping
  • Quick-turn
  • Solid Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Mix-Production
  • Cutting-edge Manufacturing
  • Exceptional Turn Time
  • Competitive Cost
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Consulting of DFM/Design for Manufacturability
  • DFT/Design for Testability
  • DFX
  • — X = Cost, Resource, Assembly, Quality, Reliability, Services
  • Confirmation of EMI Control
Highfive Electronics 3D Printing

There is no better cost-saving solution to quickly verify the ID and Mechanical Design.

Rigid Flex PCB Highfive

Reliable rigid flex PCB prototypes supplier, which is trustworthy in terms of cost, quality, delivery.

mold injection

Why our injection molding can be efficient as all engineers have worked in the mold shop for 8+ years.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We provide a rich experience in sheet metal processing and successful verification of many 45 projects.

metal machining

CNC Machining

High-precision machining center has more than 40 sets of precision CNC machining equipment, providing CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers, and turning-milling composite external processing.



The application of LCD modules is very extensive, TFT, STN, HTN, TN.

You can customize the LCD module as you need creative and innovative electronic projects.


Touch Panel

Capacitive touch screens are made by plating one or more layers of conductive materials (such as indium tin oxide ITO) on the substrate, and then sealing and bonding with the protective cover to protect the electrodes.



As OLED has many advantages, IT is more widely used than LCD technology. We have continuously strengthened research on this technology, and this technology will be further improved.

box building

Box Building

We specialize that make you an idea into a product quickly, you put forward your requests, specifically give us your conceptions, functions, characteristics, market demands, targets. Mix-production, low-medium-high.

Electronic Design and Manufacturing Work & Projects

Highfive Healthcare Electronic Solution

In busy work, people lack too much time to pay attention to health. With the continuous innovation of technology, the sensors for human body detection and monitoring have reached cumulative and stable functions. These stable functions are obtained after continuous improvement., Let us have everyone can apply these health sensors on a large scale today.

The elderly, children, including all adults, we can wear or carry portable health electronics, wearable products. Highfive is one of leading ODM and OEM who customize healthcare products and projects of electronic solution.

Healthcare safety monitoring can’t be ignored. We have more than 16 years of program development experience, such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, health data recording, etc. Hope to help you design more excellent health electronic solution.


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Digital Healthcare Highfive Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Digital Healthcare Highfive Electronic Design and Manufacturing

IoT Cloud Platform & App Development

The customized IoT cloud platform & App development is committed to creating an interconnected platform standard, connecting brands, OEM manufacturers, developers, retailers and the intelligent needs of various industries. Based on the global public cloud, the IoT development platform realizes the interconnection of smart scenarios and smart devices, carrying millions of device requests and interactions every day.

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