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Bluetooth Mesh Development Introduction

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In terms of custom development of Bluetooth Mesh solutions, we provide a complete one-stop service including appearance, structural hardware, software, and so on.

We can let you quickly obtain prototypes, NPI, trial production, and mass production for the Lanwu MESH project you planned. The MCU function developed by us can be connected to the platform after the platform protocol is connected so that your products have greater market demand. you

We will help you realize the MCU serial protocol interaction in the whole process, and bind the device to the App you need. The Bluetooth Mesh device will automatically form a Mesh network without additional operations on the MCU side.

On July 19, 2017, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that Bluetooth technology began to fully support Mesh networks. The brand-new Mesh technology can support equipment for many-to-many transmission, which improves the communication efficiency of building a large-scale network coverage. Mesh technology is more suitable for scenarios such as building automation and wireless sensor networks, allowing tens of thousands of devices to exchange information in a safe, reliable, and stable environment.

Performance characteristics of Bluetooth Mesh products

Advantage of Bluetooth Mesh

Bluetooth Alliance (SIG) international standard protocol to realize the true interconnection
Micro-ampere level low-power technology allows us to receive market attention for every product
At the same time, it supports mobile phone Bluetooth direct connection control and gateway remote control
Certified by the Bluetooth Alliance
Simple and easy to operate, flexible networking, high reliability, more robust system
With frequency hopping technology, it is not susceptible to 2.4GHz frequency communication interference

Room for improvement

Concurrent message processing capabilities need to be improved, which may cause network congestion
Cannot be controlled remotely when there is no gateway
Weak wall penetration

Application scenario of Bluetooth Mesh

Local scene linkage can be applied to the high-end lighting field
Large-scale group control, suitable for commercial lighting solutions
Super cost-effective lighting solutions

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Bluetooth Mesh Highfive

Bluetooth Mesh