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1. NDA of Box Building

Sign an NDA agreement for any project or any service required by the customer, and put NDA first in all work. Absolutely to strictly comply with the content of the NDA agreement.

2. Box building had been verified by customers

The quality of the finished product assembly is the cornerstone of our acquisition of all customers. All the experience comes from Europe and North America. It is formed from the project execution and quality verification of many customer groups that strictly require quality.

3. Bot building with rich experience is over 17 years

The quality control in the assembly process is also a unique quality control system formed during more than 15 years of continuous improvement.

4. Box building of one-stop turnkey solution

In order to meet the needs of all customers from the design of the IDEA stage to the finished product stage, we can flexibly face the needs of customers and do all or one of the processes to ensure that we provide customers with reliable services, perhaps only assembly Process, our boxed service can make you feel comfortable. And once they cooperate, they are always good partners.

5. Box building engage in our boxed service industries

In the past 10 years, we have provided communication network products, GPS trackers, portable electronics, home portable projectors, advertising players, e-books, OTT boxes, smart homes, personal consumer electronics, wireless network connections, power products, Security monitoring products, embedded products, medical equipment, solar energy products, system controllers, optical network products, military portable servers, wireless routers, and other industries have built products. Our engineering experts and skilled workers will quickly turn your design into reality.

6. Ability to analyze process problems cover box build of  processes

There is without customer involvement and supervision, maintenance station, high qualification rate, and full compliance with product specifications. In order to create comprehensive value for customers, we provide one-stop manufacturing services from design, research, and development, to PCB manufacturing, assembly to box packaging.



There is no MOQ, a sample can also help you complete high-quality service.

You can get more details if you CONTACT us now. or you can visit our PCEAE for PCB fabrication and assembly. In addtion, you can shop on HIFIVEE for some creative and invative products.

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Box Building Group Resources EMS Manufacturing