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Constant Improvement Competitive Cost Down for all processes of Turnkey Solutions

How to improve Competitive Cost Down with Highfive Leading Tech Service and Supporting as Free?

When high costs are a common crisis and no matter how economic conditions can be improved, the global electronics and the electrical industry is tracking effective ways to reduce costs and upgrade. Profit margins will not affect the quality of product and process development, especially in the electronics industry. One of the hottest issues experienced by electronics manufacturers and ODM & OEM is the ever-changing technology. That requires increasingly complex electronic project. For all these problems, quality standards should be maintained at every stage of proejct. Of course, happy intermediaries or intermediate links to reduce the cost of project can be considered. Only one item we can do that improve competitive cost constantly to match customer requirements.

  • LMC(long-term marginal cost)
  • SMC (short-term marginal cost)
  • LAC (long-term average cost)
  • SAC (short-term average cost)
  • AVC (average variable cost)
  • AR (average revenue)
  • MR (marginal revenue)
  • MC (marginal cost)
  • P (price)
  • AC (average cost)
  • AC=AVC+AFC (average fixed cost)
  • TC=VC+FC
  • MC=dTC/dQ;
  • AC=TC/Q;
  • TR=P*Q
  • MR=dTR/dQ
  • AR=TR/Q

The equilibrium condition for all markets is MR=MC. In a perfectly competitive market, because the manufacturer is the receiver of prices, for a perfectly competitive market P=MR=AR, so the equilibrium condition should be P=MC.  Competitive Cost Down is one of key item.

Constantly Optimize Design and MFG Solution for Competitive Cost Down

Let’s use intelligent steps to improve the combination of fabrication and assembly, By revealing a more cost-effective and sophisticated way to electronic project. And constantly optimize processes and testing capabilities. We can give you suggestions at the beginning of the project. By providing many different design options to minimize the complexity of project. These options can help you plan the right prototypes for the first time.

Applying Common Competitive Cost Solutions to Competitive Cost Down

Shape it into a correct way to reduce costs by applying common structures. Complex profiles and shapes often lead to higher costs. A Smart and smooth PCB layout are located at the edge of the mechanical. An important stage of electronic project is mechanical processes, and effective planning is needed to reduce costs. This is the stage of the beginning of project. Through strategic product engineering, high-quality parts and components needed can be used optimally, thus the cost of each parts can be reduced rapidly.

Confirmed Perfect BOM to Present a Competitive Cost Down Product and Project

Take enough time to present a complete list of classified materials (BOM). Effective BOM should include all basic elements such as reference mark, part number, description, quality, SMT method, manufacturer name, floor area, packaging, and BOM level. The most important thing is to add component replacement elements to BOM. Because technology is developing faster and new elements need to be replaced immediately to match competitive market trends. We have rich experience in the component suggestions of replacement elements to BOM.

DFM/DFT/DFZ/DFX— X = Cost, Sourcing, Assembly, Test, Quality, Reliability, Service to Competitive Cost Down

Avoiding additional cutting on the circuit board may increase the cost of project. Which does not have a significant impact on brand recognition or functionality? Continuing to conduct rigorous DFM checking to detect specific processes commonly implemented can gradually reduce the cost of project. By effectively optimizing and modifying the ID, MD, HW, SW, the main factors considered in BOM.

Only Select Professional Experts and Reliable Partners Competitive Cost Down

After Receiving the RFQ of project,  you can get about start-up time, order date, payment date, receiving component date, etc. Consciously select professional experts and reliable sub-contract manufacturers/partners. But many customers are not satisfied because they have not received the claimed content. In order to avoid these important problems. Let’s choose some factors that will help us choose reliable manufacturers consciously.

Cutting Edge Tech and Perfect MFG Capability to ensure High Quality to Competitive Cost Down

Looking for a reliable supplier to ensure good manufacturing capability and quality project service management system. Complying with requirements, which has become a necessary condition to improve the quality of processes and products. High-tech equipment, well-defined toolbox, and implementation of upgrading technology help to achieve rapid turnover. High efficiency required manufacturing speed, high precision placement, and effective inspection. In today’s innovative world, the use of surface mounting technology, through-hole technology and other professional technology, these factors must become the primary task in the checklist.

Competitive Cost Down based on Highfive Group Resources

Component purchasing is also one of the main considerations in choosing a suitable manufacturer for our Competitive Cost Down.

In addition to focusing on electronic engineering and ODM & OEM manufacturing mechanisms, great attention should be paid to validating component purchasing capabilities, supplier management and the competitiveness of supply chain networks. We have rich experience for component purchasing over 16 years.

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Competitive Cost Down Highfive

Competitive Cost Down Highfive