Embedded Development

Embedded Development

Highly Embedded Design and Development

From consumer electronics to complex server applications, Linux has entered almost every product area in the electronics market. It is no exaggeration to say that almost every household is using at least one Linux-based device.

Common products include mobile phones, tablets, music playback devices, watches, and smart wearable products. Child monitoring, security monitoring, door locks, smart lights, smart furniture, etc.

Embedded Design Cycle

Due to the extremely short product design cycle, increasing customer demand, and increasing competitive pressure, product designers are increasingly facing huge design challenges.

In many cases, the update cycle of smart products is relatively short, the product types are complex, and there are high requirements for the development cycle. It is necessary to have an efficient development team to move the product from sample to batch as quickly as possible, otherwise, it will be difficult to be marketed. accept.

Open Source Code Leads to Fierce Competition

Linux is open source. Everyone has access to the source code and can use it for their own purposes or modify it. Especially in the range of non-x86-based systems, you need superb expertise and it is difficult to limit the time. To port Linux on live hardware, you must consult other resources or delete it from other tasks.

Provide Embedded Product Portfolio

We offer a broad product portfolio, including all product lines. This is consistent and makes switching between families easier.

Highfive Electronics has concentrated all the advantages of the open-source world for our customers, which of course includes Linux technical support from the Linux community and chip manufacturers.

Our other benefit is-combined with commercial embedded Linux distributors, it is very suitable for Highfive Electronics hardware and does not charge licensing, support, or maintenance fees. This allows our customers to save money and time, and achieve the greatest advantage of products entering the market.

Combination of Embedded Development and Rich Manufacturing Experience

This makes many manufacturers face challenges that are inconsistent with their core competitiveness. It becomes more and more expensive until the period when the product can be put on the market and the risks are increasing.

In addition, the long-term cost comes from the attention and support of the adapted Linux source code. In addition to the actual Linux kernel, a so-called Userland needs to be provided, which can provide help programs and other applications.

Different from the scope of the desktop system, it is necessary to make different system planning for special functions and features to meet the market segmentation and timeliness requirements.

We free product designers from the tedious and tedious task of Linux transplantation, so Our customers can focus on the market development of actual products and their core competitiveness so that products can become commodities as soon as possible.

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