Firmware Development

ECG algorithm firmware

Firmware is in accordance with your functions requirements.

Our core competitive advantage is the embedded development engineer group several groups of different applications, there are a number of recent 20 years engaged in wireless communication, embedded DSP, MCU, experience on the energy power management professional, proficient in Linux, Android, C, c++, a compilation of the development; for the advanced processor, Arm 7, Arm 9, Arm 11 for embedded development.

We implement embedded systems (Embedded System) to guest applications as the center, the software, and hardware can be tailored to adapt to the application system for functionality, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption strict requirements of specificity. For example, we have customized advertising control systems and factory assembly lines, small to home learning machines or OTT, portable projectors, power energy control systems.

Embedded development, FPGAARMDSPMCU, and other aspects, we have done a professional division of a collaborative design team. Provide guests with all designs from prototyping, top software architecture to source code.

Electronic Firmware Development

Firmware Embedded Applications

Embedded system is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most promising IT applications. Embedded systems are used on some special devices, and usually, the hardware resources of these devices (such as processors, memory, etc.) are very limited, and they are very sensitive to cost, and sometimes require higher real-time response. In particular, with smart consumer appliances, embedded more important. As we normally see the mobile phone, PDA, electronic dictionary, videophone, digital camera, VCD/DVD/MP3 Player (DC), digital camera (DV), U-Disk (Set-Top Box, set-top box), high-definition television (HDTV), game machine, intelligent toys, switches, routers, CNC equipment or instrument, automotive electronics, control system for household appliances, medical equipment, aerospace equipment and so on are the typical embedded system.

Embedded system, hardware, firmware, and software combination

Embedded firmware development, the most closely related to the bottom of the software, down the drive hardware, up to support the operating system, the most junior hardware drivers, etc., is the basis of our engineers. Our biggest advantage is that some people are very clear about the principles of hardware, are good at defining all kinds of hardware interfaces, while others are proficient in the principles of embedded operating systems and complex applications.

These embedded firmware development skilled engineers, mainly engaged in embedded operating systems and application software development. These people usually have a better grasp of the principle of hardware and interface, embedded hardware design after various functions in the human mind, clear thinking to do embedded development to achieve the function of value-added products need, largely depends on the embedded equipment embedded software, the embedded products greatly indifference the software, the software is the most problematic. This is where we have absolute advantages in design, development, and firmware processing. The more complex the intelligent device is, the more critical the software is.

For firmware development, we have several experts with more than 15 years of work experience. For customers who need firmware development, it can be said that we can guarantee efficient and cost-effective services.

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