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In busy work, people lack too much time to pay attention to health. With the continuous innovation of technology, the sensors for human body detection and monitoring have reached cumulative and stable functions. These stable functions are obtained after continuous improvement. , Let us have everyone can apply these health sensors on a large scale. The elderly, children, including all ordinary adults, can wear or carry portable health electronic wear products. We are ODM and OEM who customize such products for customers.

Healthcare safety monitoring cannot be ignored. We have more than 10 years of program development experience, and some medical electronics-related design programs, such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, health data recording, etc. Hope to help you design more excellent medical electronic solutions.

Healthcare Solution Highfive

EMG muscle contraction detection to healthcare

EMG EMG sensor The EMG detector is a bridge between the human body and the circuit. The EMG sensor can collect the electrical signal of muscle contraction, and then perform secondary amplification and filtering. The output signal can be recognized by Arduino. You can add this signal to your control system. In standby mode, the output voltage is 1.5V. When muscle activity is detected, a rising signal is an output, and the maximum voltage is 3.3V. You can use this EMG sensor in 3.3V or 5V systems.

EMG Solutions Healthcare Highfive

EMG Solutions Healthcare Highfive


  • Compatible with Grove interface
  • Need 3.5mm plug cable
  • Contains 6 free-to-use surface electrodes
  • Power supply voltage: 3.3V-5V
  • There is a 1000mm data cable
  • No additional power supply required

Hardware installation:

Insert the Grove-Base Shield into Seeeduino, then connect the Grove-LED Bar to port D8, and connect the Grove-EMG sensor to port A0. Finally, stick the three electrodes to your muscles and keep the distance between each electrode.

GPS navigation remote ECG and fall detection-monitor for the elderly healthcare

The ECG drop detection system uses the MXTOS2-200 module and the PSoC CY8C38 module that provide high-precision three-dimensional positions to design a small and exquisite remote elderly monitor.

ECG Solutions Healthcare Highfive

ECG Solutions Healthcare Highfive

Using unique over-sampling technology and low-power, low-component sensor modules, through the real-time acquisition and measurement of physiological state parameters such as the elderly’s ECG, respiratory rate, walking status (falls), and comparison with the normal physiological parameter range, Early warning action. The effect is good.

When the elderly carrying this monitor is abnormal outside, the upper computer of the centralized control center receives the position information and physiological parameters transmitted by the GSM/GPRS wireless module in the monitor, so as to realize rapid positioning and attendance and first aid to protect the elderly Human life and health.

Neuro Feedback EEG-SMT to healthcare

The function of this EEG device collects the general activity signals in the brain, and at the same time, it can improve the mental capacity and explore the huge development potential of consciousness. The project has accumulated rich experience in neurofeedback EEG-SMT. The USB interface low-cost EEG device has been assembled, you only need a USB cable with a B-type connector and 5 electrodes to participate in the neurofeedback test.

The EEG detection equipment consists of two or more EEG amplifiers and a 6-channel signal capture board, which is connected to the PC through a standard serial cable. The standard-setting has two EEG channels.

EEG Solutions Healthcare Highfive

EEG Solutions Healthcare Highfive

Multifunctional medical health watch that can realize heart rate thermometer as healthcare

The scheme designed a watch that can detect heart rate and body temperature at the same time, and can realize the pedometer function. The device includes a microcontroller controller, MLX90614 infrared temperature measurement module, MMA7455 pedometer module, system real-time clock, Pulse Sensor heart rate module, and OLED12864 display Module, nRF24L01 wireless communication module and computer control software, power supply, and other parts.

Headbands EEG Application for Healthcare

Using the latest sensing technology and intelligent EEG processing chip plus our algorithm, the brain wave EEG signal detection, collection, statistics, analysis, comparison and management, and applied to all stages and levels of sleep. It can handle four sleep levels and intelligent manual processing for different time periods so that we can stay away from nightmares and achieve easy entry into the realm of beautiful dreams.

Measure vital signs to accurately track the sleep of each of us, and use our specially designed onboard lights and tones to affect and adjust dreams.

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