Electronic Turnkey

The company provides one-stop Electronic Turnkey Solutions services, including:

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design

Hardware Design

Software Development, software development includes the underlying foundation and driver software, middle-level system, application-level software, and platform development.

Electronic Turnkey Solutions

The one-stop solution provides customers with efficient, fast, and cost-saving project development ideas and market models, and directly and quickly provide customers with models, functional prototypes, trial production, and mass production services at different stages, so that customers can quickly reach the planned products Or the project will be listed as soon as possible to create a reliable business profit model.

At the beginning of the project, the customer only needs to provide the functional elements of the project or product, the appearance of the product, the core selling point of the product, and the market opportunity of the product.

After answering a few of our questions, our experts will provide early free consulting services. Allows you to quickly determine the appearance and all the design elements of various products or projects within a time. Once all the design elements of the product or project are determined, our design work can begin.

Highfivee Electronic Turnkey Solutions

Electronic Turnkey Processes

  • In terms of appearance, we will continue to absorb customers’ new ideas for improvement and optimization, and continue to guide customers to determine the appearance, which can be determined in a month or less. Allow customers to spare more time to do market planning.
  • After completing the mold, the remaining work is injection molding, stamping, die-casting, and processing.
  • Once the appearance is determined, we can start to build the structural model, start detailed structural modeling, and design each component separately. After continuous optimization and improvement, and assembly drawing can be formed for the customer to On the basis of a complete understanding of the structure, determine the structure drawings and prepare for the next mold design work to Highfive Electronic Turnkey Solutions.
  • The mold design work overlaps with the structure design process, and constantly communicates whether the structure design and mold design have efficient and convenient support for manufacturing. The molds we cover include hardware, plastics, die-casting, stamping, and chassis machining. In the process of structural design, we will have mold engineers to ensure that our design is machinable and manufacturable. We have done DFM work for many years and have rich experience to Highfive Electronic Turnkey Solutions.
  • Hardware design. Our experts continue to discuss functions, indicators, parameters, performance, and test standards according to the requirements of the guests. After determining all aspects, we will select the chipset, draw the schematic diagram, and draw the PCB according to the schematic diagram. File, you can use popular PCB design software format files, such as Cadence, PROTEL99, PADS, and you can also perform secondary development and processing customization from the customer’s perspective.
  • Make PCB/FPC samples, BOM lists, and batch production documents. Provide production technology improvement methods and circuit board repair methods for mass-produced customers to achieve the trinity of quality, service, and technology. PCBA/FPCA customized service.Engineers have passed various parameter tests and verifications to provide customers with detailed test reports.
  • Our hardware engineers are familiar with various components, wave soldering, reflow soldering, SMT patch requirements, and have a wealth of soldering experience and skills. They mainly solder BGA, QFN, SOP, QFP, SMD, and other packaged components. Rich experience in radio frequency, baseband, power management, communications, protocols, etc., to reduce project time and other costs.In addition, our company has regular agent procurement channels to ensure the original components.
  • Compared with the small-batch procurement needs of customers, our centralized procurement will have more advantages. We have stocks for the commonly used materials we use daily. If customers use the same materials, we can provide faster and lower-cost material supply services to Highfive Electronic Turnkey Solutions.
  • Software development. In software development, we have different types of software groups at the bottom, middle, and application layers to provide customers with software development services to Highfive Electronic Turnkey Solutions.
  • After comprehensive testing and continuous optimization of the software, we will test and debug the software, hardware, and structural parts according to the time planned by the market to achieve the mass production goal as soon as possible. During the trial production process, we will continue to improve all aspects The problem is to ensure the reliability of mass production.

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Highfive Electronic Turnkey Solutions

Highfive Electronic Turnkey Solutions