1. Lighting system

Lighting system is the most basic smart home system, and also a more practical product. Basically, smart home companies will make products about lighting control, some of which are smart light bulbs, smart light belts, and some of which are smart switch panels. Then the control is divided into switch control, dimming control, or color control.


It turns out that no one has installed a smart switch, so the easiest way to do smart lighting is to use a smart light bulb. You can change the ordinary light bulb in your home into a smart light bulb, so that the smart light bulb can be connected to the gateway to realize networked control. You can adjust the light or color temperature through the mobile app, which is usually placed in a desk lamp or bedside lamp. There will be a problem in the use of this smart light bulb Either you always use the lamp switch to control the smart bulb, or you use the mobile app to control it. If you turn off the lamp switch, the smart bulb does not have electricity, and you can no longer use the app to turn on the lamp, then if there are other smart lights or devices at home, it will be more troublesome when the scene needs to link the lamp.


Many places in the home need this led light belt as the effect light, such as the back of the TV or the bottom of the TV cabinet, the head of the bed or the bottom of the bar, which can be dimmed and toned. It’s very good for creating the atmosphere. This finished intelligent light belt can be bought back and plugged into the power supply, and the access system can be used, so when decorating and designing, we should consider the place where the light belt needs to be placed in advance to reserve the power supply Socket.

There are many customers decorate when the light belt is placed in the living room ceiling, the light belt is also divided into simple brightness dimming or RGB color dimming light belt, pay attention to distinguish when buying.