Injection Molding

Dongguan Yinzhun Electronics was established in 2004, with a total area of 20,000 square meters and more than 120 employees now, including senior professional technicians and management personnel.

Mould structural products can be seen everywhere, in most industries. Molds are not only used for plastics, hardware, sheet metal, die-casting, stamping, etc., but structural products also continue to be widely used, product updates are fast, and the market cycle is short, so manufacturing companies are The requirements of mold design and manufacturing technology are getting higher and higher.

Key Points When Design Injection Molding

  • The choice of mold material.
  • Experience of professional designers.
  • The selection and correct application of mold design software is one of the important factors that affect mold quality.

Injection Molding Design Solutions

  • Product analysis
  • Creation of parting line
  • Split male and female molds
  • Formwork
  • Waterway
  • Specification processing of each standard part, etc.

The complete injection mold design function can assist users to quickly complete the injection mold design. Let’s learn about this solution with the help of two points of experience that the plastic mold design users have more feedback.

How to split male and female molds accurately and quickly

The creation of parting lines and the splitting of male and female molds are the key and difficult points in the plastic mold design process. When designing each injection product, first determine its mold opening direction and parting line to ensure that core pulling is minimized. Slider mechanism and eliminate the influence of parting line on appearance.

Whether the male and female molds can be split accurately and quickly directly affects the efficiency of mold design. The plastic mold design solution provides a variety of ways to create parting lines and parting surfaces, which can realize automatic and manual parting to quickly split the male and female molds.

Most undercuts cannot be peeled off from the mold, so additional mechanisms need to be added to the mold to move certain parts prior to opening the mold

This usually requires the use of sliders, inclined tops or removable inserts.

For mold design, additional costs need to be added. Ingenious part design or tiny design concessions can often eliminate the complex mechanism caused by undercuts.

The analysis and verification function detects potential problems in advance

The mold manufacturing process is irreversible. Finding the problem after the mold manufacturing is completed will lead to a significant increase in time and cost. Therefore, the entire model analysis and verification at the early stage of mold design can predictably complete the follow-up work plan and avoid The occurrence of the problem is very important.

The analysis and verification functions of the plastic mold design solution include:

Draft angle and thickness analysis

Curvature analysis

Fillet radius analysis and other functions

It is possible to check whether the geometric features of each part of the product are reasonable and whether there are conditions that are not conducive to the manufacturing process. When customers can find potential problems according to our mold injection processing experience, it greatly simplifies the designer’s workload and saves a lot of time.

Injection Molding Category

We specialize in the production of plastic molds, die-casting molds, two-color molds, bakelite molds, liquid silicone rubber injection molds, injection molding, die-casting product processing, oil injection.

EMS Factory Mould Injection A

Our main business and service scope:

Injection Molding Business Scope

  1. Plastic mold manufacturing, injection molding. Including single-color molds, two-color molds, over-molded molds, silicone molds, bakelite molds, multi-cavity molds, etc.
  2. Die-casting mold manufacturing, die-casting processing. Mainly aluminum alloy and zinc alloy.

Service area:

1) Mold design and manufacturing.
2) Prototype design and processing.
3) Mold flow analysis, cooling analysis, etc.
4) Professional finishing.
5) Injection molding.
6) Plastic encapsulation and insert molding.
7) Mold maintenance and modification.

At the same time, we also provide professional surface treatment, such as spraying, dusting, electroplating, electrophoresis, silkscreen, and so on. With 16 years of rich experience, our molds and products are exported to Europe, America, and other countries. Our products are widely used in home appliances, consumer electronics, automobiles, medical, communications, and other fields.

Injection Molding Surface Finishing

Surface finishing, silk screen printing, assembly over 16 years of operation have made us more competitive.

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