mmWave radar Device Design and Development

1. Develop application scenario products based on the characteristics of mmWave radar sensors

A. High-precision human body sign detection (can accurately collect millimeter-level human body sign data, with an error of 0.1mm).

B. Low mass production hardware costs and low cloud costs (easy to connect to cloud platforms).

C. Thoroughly protect personal privacy. Early surveillance cameras are not suitable for private places such as bathrooms, bedrooms, toilets, etc., and there is no intrusion on people’s privacy.

D. Human body non-contact monitoring. Most of the early uses were wearable or handheld products, or personal portable product testing. They all have a sense of restraint. At present, millimeter wave radar has no human contact and can accurately detect and collect data on human vital signs, movement, sleep, breathing, heart rate, HRV, etc.

E. Millimeter radar waves are not easily affected by temperature, humidity, noise, airflow, dust, light or other environmental factors.

F. We focus on 60GHZ radar application development.

G. Use point cloud imaging algorithm to achieve accurate collection of application scenario data.

H. Use FMCW acquisition method to detect human gait, posture, gestures, human chest, abdominal cavity, skin, muscles, chest and back, joints, and micro-fluctuations on all-round surfaces in real time. Combining intelligent hardware front-end algorithms and cloud algorithms, combining AI, ML, and big data can provide accurate detection data and services for application scenarios.

mmWave Radar

mmWave Radar

2. Application scenarios of mmWave radar sensors

Millimeter wave vital sign sensors can perform long-term continuous monitoring of vital sign data of the elderly, children or those in need of nursing staff, 24/7, including but not limited to:

A. Sleeping Millimeter Wave Radar Sensor

Real-time detection, collecting micro-movements of human skin and muscles when the human body is lying down, using front-end algorithms, combined with AI, ML, big data, and cloud algorithm processing and detection.

Obtain accurate sleep level analysis and early prediction of potential dangers, predict the sleep system, and provide powerful and accurate data for doctors to make accurate judgments.

B. Respiratory millimeter wave radar sensor

Real-time detection of subtle changes in the human body’s surface skin and muscles, and calculation of the range of motion through professional algorithms. Use AI, ML, big data, and algorithms to process and detect respiratory system data to achieve early prediction of potential respiratory system risks, early prediction of respiratory system diseases,

And provide powerful and accurate data for doctors to make accurate judgments. For elderly people with poor breathing, ventilation fans can be installed, and in severe cases, oxygen concentrators can be installed.

C. Heartbeat millimeter wave radar sensor

Real-time detection uses AI, ML, big data, and algorithms to process and detect heart rate data to achieve early potential heart disease risk prediction and cardiovascular system prediction, providing powerful and accurate data for doctors to make accurate judgments.

D. Abnormal events in human activities

E. Monitoring of wake-up events

F. Detection of bed falls

G. Fall detection millimeter wave radar sensor

Bathroom falls and retention in areas with water (slippery areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, etc.)

As age increases, various degenerative phenomena will appear in various parts of the human body, such as muscle atrophy, slow human brain reaction, poor balance in body gait, posture, gestures, blurred vision, human bone atrophy, etc., making the elderly suffer from common Home bathrooms or slippery places are prone to the risk of falling.

This is the application scenario of our fall monitor, which can be subdivided into many situations.

There are also scenes in areas where there are no rescue devices and sensor night lights. Due to the decline of their night vision systems, the elderly have different requirements for night lights than young people. They need to reduce glare and reduce the risk of falls, so that we can use fall monitors to provide timely rescue and prevent falls.

H. Presence of millimeter wave radar sensors on the human body

1. Statistics of multi-person interactive areas

J. Tracking and positioning

K. Recognition of gait, posture and gestures

Real-time detection, using AI, ML, big data, and algorithms to process and detect actual data of human gait, posture, and gestures, to achieve early monitoring of thighs and calves, knee joints, ankle joints, feet, and all lower body muscles, joints, etc. Provide accurate data reference for disease prevention.

The risk prediction and early disease prediction of human body signs by the exercise system provide powerful and accurate data for doctors to make accurate judgments.

L. Millimeter wave radar sensor

Provide timely warnings for unexpected situations in the body. Provide life support for the life, health and safety of the elderly, inconvenient people, disabled people, people with dementia, children, special needs and other groups who need care.

Real-time detection uses AI, ML, big data, and algorithms to process and detect actual data of human movement, thereby achieving early potential risk prediction of muscles and movement systems, early disease prediction of human body signs, and providing powerful and accurate data for doctors. judge.

Some warm reminders can be given to the elderly who are losing fat and weakening their ability to withstand the cold. The position of the bathroom heater and shower head has been improved based on the range of movement of the human arm.

For the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, make some reminders of action precautions and behavioral norms near the lamp, directly opposite the toilet, and in the corner of the mirror.


3. Application of mmWave radar sensors

Elder care

Medical support

Mealth warning

Platform docking

Continuous monitoring

Multi-level alarm

Remote alarm

Record query

4. mmWave radar sensor application settings

  • Coverage: 100 degree cone range
  • Accurately measures 0.1mm range of motion
  • Static monitoring range after fall: 4m*4m
  • Fall monitoring range: 3m*3m
  • Human presence: activity range monitoring 5m*6m
  • Human body static range: 4m*4m
  • Keep away from high-power electromagnetic equipment with magnetic fields

Millimeter wave radar equipment has the natural advantages of non-contact, low radiation, high accuracy, and not affected by temperature and humidity. It does not invade privacy, does not affect users’ normal lives, and is highly adaptable.

The user’s children or relatives can also obtain the user’s corresponding health report on the mobile terminal every day by binding the APP to share health data with family members.

5. mmWave radar sensor alarm function

Fully automatic alarm, no need to manually pull the rope, no touch, no buttons, realizing integrated automatic alarm, multi-level alarm, and remote alarm. Real-time alarm.

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