OLED Characteristics

OLED Module Highfive

The reason why OLED technology can be widely used is that compared with other technologies, this technology has the following advantages:

(1) Low Power Consumption

Compared with LCD, this does not need a backlight, and the backlight is a part of energy consumption in LCD, so it is more energy-saving. For example, the power consumption of 24 in the AMOLED module is only 440 MW, while that of 24 in the polysilicon LCD module is 605 MW.

(2) Fast Response

Compared with other technologies, OLED technology has a faster response speed and a response time of microseconds. The higher response speed better realizes the moving image. According to the data analysis, the response speed of LCD is about 1000 times.

(3) Wide Perspective

Compared with other displays, OLED is active, so the picture will not be distorted in a wide range of viewing angles. Its upper and lower, left and right angle width is more than 170 degrees.

(4) High-resolution Display

Most high-resolution OLED displays use an active matrix, which is AMOLED. Its light-emitting layer can absorb 260000 true colors with high resolution. With the development of science and technology, its resolution will be improved in the future.

(5) Wide Temperature Characteristics

Compared with LCD, OLED can work in a wide range of temperatures. According to relevant technical analysis, it can operate normally from – 40 ℃ to 80 ℃. In this way, the regional restriction can be reduced and it can also be used normally in extremely cold areas.

(6) OLED Can Realize Soft Screen

OLED can be produced on different flexible substrate materials such as plastics and resins. The soft screen can be realized by evaporating or coating the organic layer on the plastic substrate.

(7) The Weight of OLED Products Is Relatively Light

Compared with other products, OLED has smaller quality, smaller thickness compared with LCD, higher anti-seismic coefficient, and can adapt to larger acceleration, vibration, and other harsh environments.

Application Field

Because it has many advantages, this technology is more widely used than LCD technology. LCD technology can be extended to electronic products, commerce, transportation, industrial control, and medical fields. In addition, in recent years, major international companies have continuously strengthened research on this technology, and this technology will be further improved.

Commercial Areas

Small size screens can be installed in POS, copiers, and ATMs. Because the screen is flexible, thin, and anti-aging, it is beautiful and practical. The large screen can be used as a business promotion screen, and can also be used as an advertising display screen in stations, airports, etc. This is because these screens have wide viewing angles, high brightness, bright colors, and visual effects than LCD screens.

Consumer Electronics

In the field, the most widely used in smartphones, followed by notebook computers, displays, TVs, tablets, digital cameras, and other fields. Since this display has richer colors and can adjust the color (different display modes), it is widely used in practical applications, especially in today’s curved TVs, and has been widely praised.

Some VR technologies need to be mentioned here. When watching a VR device, the resistance of the LCD screen is very large, but it will greatly reduce the burden of the screen. This is because the screens will light up molecules, while LCD screens will light up liquids. Therefore, this screens officially surpassed LCD screens in 2016, becoming the new favorite of the mobile phone industry.

Traffic Field

OLED is mainly used in ships, aircraft instruments, GPS, video phones, vehicle display screens, etc., and is mainly of small size. These areas are mainly focused on the wide-angle performance of this display, even if you do not look directly at the screen content can be clearly seen, but LCD does not.

Industrial Field

The industry is moving towards automation and intelligence. More and more intelligent operating systems are introduced, which requires more screens. Whether it is on a touch screen display or a viewing display, its application range is wider than LCD.

Medical Field

The influence of medical diagnosis and the monitoring of the operation screen is inseparable from the screen. In order to meet the requirements of a wide field of view of medical displays, the screens are the “best choice.”

It can be seen that this display has a very high development space and huge market potential. However, compared with LCD screens, OLED manufacturing technology is not mature enough. Due to low volume productivity and high cost, some high-end devices on the market will use top-of-the-line screens.

However, all manufacturers have increased their investment in technology research, and many mid-range electronic products in China are using these displays. From the perspective of the mobile phone industry, the proportion of screens has increased year by year since 2015.

Although LCD products are still rare, the most advanced screens are used in high-end smartphones. Therefore, the development of electronic products such as smartphones is bound to further promote development.

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