Highfive Technology Background A Healthcare 16 YEARS For ELECTRONIC DESIGN Competitive Cost Down Highfive Electronics is one leading electronic design turnkey electronic solutions provider of ODM & OEM based on EMS. creative and innovative NB-IoT/M2M/5G/4G smart devices even you just provide your perfect idea for functions, including or you have an industrial design, mechanical design, PCB design, Software Development, and App, platform, electronic design, etc. Why Highfive? PCB Design Layout Mechanical Design Renewable Energy Smart Home NB-IoT GOT AN EMERGENCY? 7*24*365 around you as free suggestions Electronic ODM & OEM. Free supporting consultation and communication of processing difficulty between R & D and manufacturing. Free suitable, professional technical support always give reasonable suggestions to EMC and EMI and cutting edge of updating. Specialties as Quick-turn Prototypes Highfive Group Resources Highfive Quality Control Free Supporting Prototypes/NPI Quick Turn Manufacturing/EMS

Smart Renewable Energy

Power System/UPS/Rectifier/Inverter/Solar Power /Portable Power Station/Battery Management System–BMS

Smart Home & Healthcare Solutions

NB IoT Soluitons

Smart Device/4G/5G/GPS Tracker/

NB-IoT/Smart Energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management






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ABOUT US 16+ Year Electronic ODM & OEM

Electronics Design

Electronics Design ODM & OEM

Rich Experience 16+ Years

Our rich experience as following Electronic Design Services


Wireless Connectivity / WiFi/Bluetooth

Smart RF/NFC/RF Identification/IR Control

Embedded System/Touch & Input Sensing

USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface


Highfive Electronics is one leading electronic design turnkey electronic solutions provider of ODM & OEM based on EMS. It provides turnkey electronic design solutions for creative and innovative NB-IoT/M2M/5G/4G smart devices even you just provide your perfect idea for functions, including or you have an industrial designmechanical designPCB designSoftware Development, and App, platform, electronic design, etc. Then you can just do one thing that is waiting for the fore electronic design of prototypes/NPI/Pilot and mass production  fields following:

Personal portable projector, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, VR, Smart health watch, pedometer, Portable music player, Sports DV, Portable network player, Smart Water Cup. Power Bank, etc.

Industrial Design

Mechanical Design Experts -3D Design Services

Electronic Hardware Design

 Electronic Turnkey

Home Application

Human Machine Interface

Personal Electronics

Smart Energy/Electricity/Gas/Water Meters/Power Management


Healthcare & Wellness/Wearables

Industry Control


Smart RF/RF Identification

IR Control

Embedded System

USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface

Touch & Input Sensing

Bluetooth/Wireless Connectivity


Hardware development is generally divided into schematic design, circuit design, PCB board design, test board production, functional testing, stability testing, small batch production, formal delivery, or formal use of the market.

Portable Power Station

The Portable[Power Station, the portable energy storage power supply is a multifunctional portable AC and DC emergency mobile power device. It has a safe lithium-ion battery and inverter conversion technology and has a “backup power station” with lightweight, high capacity, and high power.


Renewable Energy

The Solar Power Solution, in the post-epidemic, there is an even greater need for the application of renewable energy. We are all working hard to ensure that more people can get clean renewable energy anytime, anywhere.2021 may be a decisive period for the transition to renewable energy.



The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) converts the DC voltage of the battery or battery pack into AC voltage according to the required amplitude and frequency to ensure the continuity of the power supply in the event of a power failure. Do you lack electricity usually? Contact us now for your UPS.


Smart Home

The smart home system includes eight subsystems: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat sound), home theater, and multimedia system, home environment control system, etc. In the identification of smart home system products, the smart home produced by us.


Security & Access

It is essential that buildings and homes alike provide a safe and secure environment for those working or living there. A network of sensors deployed throughout a building or home and connected to one another can help prevent intrusions, detect potentially dangerous behavior or continuously monitor the environment to detect fires, leaks, or other potentially dangerous conditions.



Because there is no time to take care of the frequent occurrence of problems such as the loss of the elderly, life, and health safety monitoring cannot be ignored. We have more than 10 years of program development experience, and some medical electronics-related design programs, such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, health data recording, etc. Hope to help you design more excellent medical electronic solutions.


Highfive Specialty As Free Consultation

If you do not have a satisfactory electronic manufacturing partner, please take more time to get to know us, so that you will have satisfactory, reliable, and practical electronic design and manufacturing services.

Quick response, do what we say, say what we say, rich technical experience, free technical consultation:

 Turnkey Solutions

 Electronic Design & Development

 Prototyping

 Quick-turn

 Solid Manufacturing and Assembly

 Mix-Production

 Cutting-edge Manufacturing

 Exceptional Turn Time

 Competitive Cost

 Complete Confidentiality

 Consulting of DFM/Design for Manufacturability

DFT/Design for Testability


— X = Cost, Resource, Assembly, Quality, Reliability, Services

 Confirmation of EMI Control


Highfive Healthcare

In busy work, people lack too much time to pay attention to health. With the continuous innovation of technology, the sensors for human body detection and monitoring have reached cumulative and stable functions. These stable functions are obtained after continuous improvement., Let us have everyone can apply these health sensors on a large scale today.

The elderly, children, including all adults, we can wear or carry portable health electronics, wearable products. Highfive is one of leading ODM and OEM who customize healthcare products and projects.

Healthcare safety monitoring can’t be ignored. We have more than 16 years of program development experience, such as heart rate monitoring, fall detection, health data recording, etc. Hope to help you design more excellent health electronic solutions.



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Major Energy Saving Tips & Tricks

What are the main contents and goals of building energy efficiency?


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