Partner Network

We have established close Partner Networkwith leading semiconductor manufacturers. This allows us to provide customers with the best quality service at all stages of product development. Our partnership with semiconductors enables us to obtain in-depth system integration and performance optimization support from application engineers as early as possible. The Highfive Electronics partner network is a framework for cooperation between Highfive Electronics and its partners. It consists of a series of partner programs designed to provide partners with resources and support (including training, certification, testing environment, marketing and sales support, and Incentive measures-create value for our customers.

We are happy to invite you to join the Highfive Electronics partner network.

Design Tooling Partner Network


Altium creates Altium Designer, as Highfive Partner Network and electronic design automation software platform for building next-generation electronic products. Highfive uses Altium’s software for schematic capture, PCB layout, and various other development and simulation processes with an impressive track record of first-time-right designs.

IC Partner Network


Analog devises as Highfive Partner Network for designs and manufacturers a broad range of high-performance analog ICs. Highfive uses Linear devices in hardware designs for a wide range of industries including wireless, aerospace, defense, and energy storage products.


STMicroelectronics ignites the spark of innovation, as Highfive Partner Network, bringing new vitality to mass products at any time. Wherever microelectronics exerts a positive influence on people’s lives, the crystallization of technology can be seen. STMicroelectronics chips that integrate the most advanced and innovative technologies are important components of various products and equipment, such as automotive systems and smart keys, power supplies for large machine tools and data centers, washing machines and hard drives, smartphones, and toothbrushes. With the help of STMicroelectronics chips, it can provide customers with smarter, more energy-efficient, smarter, and more secure devices.


Texas Instruments is a world leader in digital signal processing and analog technologies. Highfive Partner Network, their highest partnership level, which provides direct access to support from TI component designers and Field Application Engineers as well as privileged access to tightly controlled IP. One of our most mature semiconductor partnerships, Texas Instruments, and Highfive has been working together for over a decade to bring new products to life.


Microchip Technology Incorporated is a leading IC provider of intelligent, Highfive Partner Network, and secure embedded control solutions. The company’s solutions serve customers in industrial, automotive, consumer, aerospace and defense, communications, and other markets.


ARM For decades, Arm has been working with researchers and other technology companies to secure devices from chip to cloud asHighfive Partner Network. Arm continues to build on that history with the recent expansion of our end-to-end security offerings and our ongoing commitment to keeping our customers secure. At Arm, security is always forefront.


NXP provides innovations for a variety of industries including automotive, security, connected devices, lighting, and industrial. Highfive Partner Network, NXP’s RF, analog, and interface devices are used in many client projects.


Cypress Cypress 3.0 is our plan to target markets growing faster than the broader semiconductor industry with embedded systems solutions: combinations of MCUs, wireless connectivity, analog, USB, and memory products plus the software to enable them to work together flawlessly, as one of Highfive Partner Network.


Infineon Technologies is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life future. Highfive Partner Network, semiconductor and system solutions from Infineon contribute to a better future – These tiny, barely visible electronic components have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. They help to feed regenerative energy into power grids with almost zero losses, tame power-hungry computers, safeguard the data flying through cyberspace and make our cars more energy-efficient.

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Highfive Partner Network

Highfive Partner Network