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Highfive PCB Fabrication

Highfive competitive cost based on high quality and quick-turn for PCB prototype/NPI/Pilot/Mass, which is one of our key goals. Deliveries with high quality and cutting edge products spread one or over weeks for large volume in a blanket order.

PCB Prototypes/NPI/Pilot/Mass

PCB prototyping and NPI/Pilot/Mass (Four Fabrication sites to match your flexible requirements)

Flexible-Rigid PCBs. For more info, please visit us: Flexible-rigid

High-Density Interconnection (HDI). For more info, please visit us: HDI

Heavy Copper for Double/Multilayer

Metal Core PCB (Copper, Aluminium, Steel substrate, etc)

Impedance Control, Mixed Dielectric Base High Frequency

High-Density Double-side and Multilayer

Highfive Rigid PCB Capabilities

Highfive Quick-turn

Highfive Prototype Quick-turn

PCB Prototype and Assembly as Quick-turn would be base on material lead time.

Highfive PCB Design and EMS

Specialties for PCB material

FR-4 Tg, Hi-Tg, Rogers, Roger +FR-4 Hybrid, Halogen-free, BT Epoxy, Teflon, Arlon, Taconics, RCC, Cyanate Ester, Polyimide, Nelson, Getek, Allied 408, CEM3, ceramic, PTFE, etc.

Highfive Competitive Cost

Fabrication Time Specialties

General PCB Fabrication Lead Time (Working Days)

Double-side: Prototype 3-5 days; Mass Production 5-8 days

Multipayer:  Prototype 4-5 days; Mass Production 6-9 days

Rigid-flex/HDI: Prototype 10-15 days; Mass Production 15-19 days

PCB Assembly can be conducted in 24 hours according to your requirements

Specialties for Prototype and NPI

Many of our customers have entrusted us to work with them on their NPI/Prototype needs and then to successfully transition those new projects to production volumes. Our NPI process ensures that your NPI requirements will be managed and built by the same Electronic Solutions Team and Equipment that will build your production volumes. This allows for a value-added process that ensures a high-quality and cost-effective product for you. Accountability and superior customer satisfaction are provided by nothing being lost in the transition from the NPI/Prototype process to the higher volume production process.

Highfive Group EMS Resources

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