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Personal Consumer Electronics

Personal Electronics

Those items that you can customize with your idea and your LOGO.

Personal electronic products cover a wide variety of devices, including smart phones, tablets and e-readers, wearable devices, personal care and hygiene products, gaming equipment, drones, audio-visual equipment, and virtual augmented reality devices. They have become part of our daily lives, and we want them to be reliable, easy to use, and provide a great user experience.

In order to create next-generation devices, developers are striving to innovate for various devices along different directions of key technologies. Although the requirements of these devices are diverse, they also have many things in common. Whether it is audio and video capture and playback, activity tracking, personal dressing, immersive games, or autonomous flight functions, it needs to provide the best performance. New devices need to optimize power consumption to achieve the longest battery life, enhance the user interface, and optimize the user experience. In addition, they need to be properly connected and provide protection for the user’s personal data captured or stored on the device.

We can provide a series of products to help designers meet these challenges. This includes products that enhance the user experience, such as sensors, microphones, time-of-flight solutions, image and optical sensors, and touch sensor controllers. We provide equipment protection products, such as ESD protection, EMI filtering products, and security solutions including NFC. We also provide power and energy management products optimized for battery-powered equipment and solutions, aimed at improving connectivity with RF products.

Personal Electronics Field

  1. Personal portable projector
  2. Bluetooth headset
  3. Bluetooth speaker
  4. VR
  5. Smart health watch
  6. Pedometer
  7. Portable music player
  8. Sports DV
  9. Portable network player ( MP3 MP4 and etc)
  10. Smart Water Cup
  11. Power Bank
  12. e-book Reader
  13. Baby Monitor(Electronic Design and development of consumer electronic products such as audiovisual devices for children. Baby can be safe with best tracking,monitoring by our smart baby devices.)
  14. Portable Advertising player
  15. POS cashier and other related products.

Personal Electronics Technology Fields

Solution Customization Fields (This is not an inclusive list)

  • Human Machine Interface
  • Personal Electronics
  • Security/Safety
  • Medical/Healthcare & Wellness/Wearables
  • Wi-FI and BLE
  • Smart RF/RF Identification
  • IR Control
  • USB/CAN/Ethernet/SPI/Infrared Interface
  • Touch & Input Sensing
ECG Smart Watch Personal Electronics

ECG Smart Watch Personal Electronics


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