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Regardless of the end-user, they must meet national and international standards (including 80 PLUS®, ErP Lot 6, and Energy Star) for product efficiency, as well as power density, reliability, and safety at appropriate price Requirements.

In order to find the best application solution, designers must choose the most effective power topology (flyback, boost, or quasi-resonance) or implementation (based on monolithic integrated circuits or discrete power switches and controllers), or even decide to use advanced Digital circuit implementation. No matter what their choice is, the right product is the key to meeting their specific design goals.

The broad product portfolio includes highly integrated AC-DC converters and controllers, DC-DC converters, silicon, and silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFETs and rectifiers, IGBTs and protection ICs, linear voltage regulators, battery management (including battery Charger and wireless charger), specially designed digital control.

In a typical AC-DC switching power supply (SMPS), the AC power supply enters the power factor correction (PFC) stage after rectification and filtering. Then, it is delivered to a DC load with the required voltage and current ratings through high-frequency modulation techniques (sometimes in order to reduce the size of transformers and inductive components to make them exceed 1 MHz frequency).

Digital Power Supply Solutions

Digital power is an energy conversion system in which digital control technology is applied to power management applications. In these applications, monitoring, communication and monitoring functions are an extension of the main digital control loop or a combination with the main analog control loop.

From low-power to high-power applications, digital power management and control are mainly used in switching power supplies (SMPS), which can increase power density, achieve faster control loops, better system-level integration, and design flexibility, and improve system-level reliability.

Monitoring and safety and help shorten the time to market. Overall, digital power control can improve system efficiency.

The digital power product portfolio meets the requirements of digital power design. The products we provide include those specifically designed to solve digital power conversion applications through a fully digital control method, as well as ASICs and ASSPs with dedicated ROM memory (for software control algorithms) to solve semi-digital (mixed analog-digital signal) control and Digital controller.

Power discrete devices optimized for soft-switching resonance and hard-switching converters can achieve maximum system efficiency in low-power and high-power applications.

Communication Power Solutions

The use of complex digital ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) to manage the ever-increasing data traffic has further promoted the development and application of power circuits in telecommunication equipment. The communication power management system must have high energy efficiency and high density to provide the required high power level while maintaining reasonable power consumption

Our innovative product portfolio helps achieve superior performance across the entire power distribution architecture and optimize all key aspects of power supply, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Highfive provides a complete set of design solutions to speed up the design of telecommunication power distribution systems. Our rich product group includes AC-DC (AC-DC) front-end and DC-DC (DC-DC) back-end power distribution, which can be customized and optimized through multiple options to meet specific needs. Using cutting-edge digital controller and innovative power transmission architecture, combined with various MOSFETs and discrete components, to ensure that the most advanced design meets the highest level of requirements.

Power Solutions Battery monitoring

Battery monitoring is essential to ensure the continuous operation of data centers or network centers.

The battery monitoring system can help customers quickly diagnose faulty batteries and replace them in time to prevent them from draining the remaining normal batteries. The monitoring solution will extend the life of the remaining batteries and help ensure that the UPS system can properly handle any power outages encountered by the equipment. Battery monitoring is usually achieved through a wireless data acquisition module (DCM) connected to the battery.

The wireless data acquisition module (DCM) collects information from the battery and sends it wirelessly to the battery monitoring unit, which stores the data for further use and analysis.

We provide a wide range of options for remote data acquisition modules and battery monitoring systems. We provide key products such as power management, wireless connectivity, microcontrollers, and environmental sensors to help design and create reliable and innovative solutions.

Power Monitoring Power Solutions

Power monitoring is a key function to ensure the highest efficiency of data and network centers. By combining environmental data and power metering data and analyzing them, facility managers can adjust the cooling system of the data center to ensure that all machines are always running at the optimal temperature to achieve maximum efficiency.

Ensuring that the servers are running at the correct temperature can also extend the life of the servers while reducing the power they consume and the heat they generate.

Our product portfolio brings added value to system power monitoring applications.

Portable Power Station Power Solutions

Portable Power Station Power Solutions

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