Display screen e-book, although with a powerful entertainment, but only the enlarged version of the MP4, not the real meaning of the e-book reader. In order to “easy to read” and “restore reading” effect, or purchase by E-Ink,electronic paper display technology of the electronic paper book. Buy e-ink e-books, “gray” is a hardware digital reference. As the mobile phone screen 260 thousand gray color, 16 million color, level different picture effect, can appear more layers, the screen effect is more delicate. 16 gray level products, refers to the panel from all black to white has 16 levels and level. Currently on the market of the e-book reader is divided into 4 levels, 8 level gray scale gray scale, 16 gray level three, 16 level gray scale display effect is best, especially reading comic books and pictures is more obvious. Here we pick several 16 gray-scale e-books, pure reading for everyone。


E Ink

A. High Resolution Active Matrix Displays

B. Motherboard



How it works

 High Resolution Active Matrix Displays

 made with E Ink’s Vizplex Imaging Fim. Commonly referred to as

Electronic Paper Displays, EPD displays are reflective and can be easily read in bright sunlight or dimly lit

environments while being able to be seen at virtually any angle – just like paper.




Contrast Ratio 7:1 : 180º

Grayscale Capability

4-bit (16)

Typical Image Update Time:

740 ms (grayscale mode)

260 ms (1-bit mode)

 C Subsystem

Multiple Options for 5″, 6″, 8″, 9.7″ active-matrix EPD displays

Multi-function display controller

Mechanical / Dimensional – 9.7″ Display

9.7  1200 x 825 (SVGA)

Active Area

202.9 x 139.5 mm

226.4 mm (9.7″)

Display Thickness 1.2 mm