New energy sources such as water energy, wind energy, solar energy, atomic energy, thermonuclear energy, hydrogen energy, combustible ice, and space energy that can be reused many times have accounted for the majority of human energy consumption.

Solar Panel Energy

  • Solar energy applications include powering earth satellites (successful), powering emergency telephones on highways (successful), heating water through rooftop installation (successful), and electricity without grid energy.
  • Solar energy does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, so if global warming must be avoided, solar energy needs to be considered. It has many supporters, especially those who oppose nuclear energy.
  • The use of solar power solutions, photovoltaic cell solutions are very good. These are attractive research areas and have gradually become more effective and less costly.
  • Due to the daily, hourly and weekly and seasonally different availability, the technology to store solar energy is needed, so the energy storage equipment we designed is a very good method.
  • Need to transmit energy over long distances. Only then can solar energy be applied to places with serious economic disadvantages.
  • Repair fees. A person who is experienced in maintaining complex systems gave us an estimate of one percentage point per month. For example, a system costing $40,000 would cost $400 per month to maintain.
  • Speaking of photovoltaic cells, the current mainstream battery is PERC battery, while TOPCon battery, HJT battery, IBC battery and so on are relatively small. In particular, copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) battery and perovskite battery are still in the research stage.

    Although P-type batteries are the mainstream, when the conversion efficiency of P-type batteries reaches 22% (the efficiency of P-type Si solar cells is reduced, and the N-type batteries usher in a broad market), the light-induced degradation effect will appear under long-term light, and then This leads to diminishing marginal efficiency of capital and technology input, which affects overall returns. Therefore, there are many claims in the industry that TOPCon batteries and HJT batteries will replace P-type batteries.


New energy occupies most of the share As early as 50 years ago, mankind was aware of the energy crisis and has been committed to the development of new energy. In recent years, various new energy sources have been put into production and life. Water that can be reused many times Energy, wind energy, solar energy, atomic energy, thermonuclear energy, hydrogen energy, combustible ice, space energy and other new energy sources have accounted for most of human energy consumption.

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Call for energy-saving actions worldwide!

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Energy Improvement Services

Energy-saving measures are one type of technological transformation measures. Divided into direct energy-saving measures and indirect energy-saving measures.

Direct energy-saving measures refer to the renewal and transformation of energy-using equipment, processes, or operating processes with low energy utilization efficiency to obtain direct energy-saving effects.

Indirect energy-saving measures are through the renewal or transformation of equipment, processes, and products with low production efficiency.

The scope of energy-saving includes coal, electricity, oil, water, steam, etc.

The current world energy shortage, through energy conservation measures to achieve low energy consumption and multiple output, has positive practical significance for the development of the world economy.

The Right Amount of Energy

Ensure energy security. Promote the clean and efficient use of coal, develop renewable energy, improve oil, natural gas, and electricity production, supply and marketing systems, and improve energy storage capacity

  • Solar energy: It is directly from solar radiation.

  • Bioenergy: After photosynthesis, it flows along the food chain and is finally converted into heat energy.

  • Wind energy: The difference in air pressure provided by solar radiation leads to the formation of wind.

  • Water energy: Water cycle, potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy.

  • Ocean energy:Generated by water movements such as tides, waves, and ocean currents

  • Geothermal energy: Comes from the decay of radioactive elements inside the earth.

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Energy Survery

  • What do we care about for energy problems?
  • Increase the chance of obtaining substantial goods.
  • Safe water supply
  • extend your life
  • Reduce childhood deaths
  • Increased opportunities for education
  • The society that people choose to migrate to
  • More personal choices for career, lifestyle, and hobbies
  • More opportunities to enjoy culture and nature
  • Clean environment
energy survey


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