Highfive Prototypes

Customers trust us based on our prototype at the beginning.

Trust Prototypes

Based on our 16 years of experience in prototyping, it can be found that many of our customers have entrusted us to cooperate with them to develop their NPI/prototypes.

They can successfully convert these new projects into mass production. Not only saves time but also saves a lot of development costs.

Our sample prototype is the best way to verify our research and development.

You can experience our design experience, work attitude, work efficiency and problem-solving methods and capabilities, and whether it can be completed within the required time.

Rich Experience with Prototype NPI

We have 16 years of rich experience in prototyping.

There is also an important reason. We are located in the center of Guangdong Province, China.

Everyone knows that there are too many technical talents in Shenzhen or Guangdong, and there are many years of rich experience in cooperation with manufacturing supporting supply chains.

Companionship, cooperative factories, cooperative subcontracting factories, procurement of electronic originals is the best performance of our accumulated experience.

This allows us to focus on PCB prototypes, NPI, pilot, and mass production, which is helpful for the design and assembly, testing, verification, and confirmation of these processes, and guarantees for subsequent mass production orders.

The most competitive cost of our prototypes NPI process is the cheapest. Provide you with competitive costs for the following items.

Manufacturing Engineers Participate Prototypes

Our production engineers participate in the prototype process. Our NPI design process involves our manufacturing engineers. In this way, our prototypes can be licensed. DFM, DFT, and DFX are all completed by the same electronic solution team and production team.

It is they who manage and implement your prototypes NPI requirements. The same people and machines can also build your project to conform to the NPI prototypes and mass-produced products.

This consistency will not waste time and money. This process realizes a value-added process to ensure that we provide you with high-quality and cost-effective prototypes NPI and batch products.

There was no loss during the transition, thus providing a sense of responsibility and excellent customer satisfaction.

All of this includes the production process from NPI/prototypes to higher output.

Our attention to detail and commitment to customers in a small business environment can deliver high-quality products on time.

Prototypes Reflected in Detail

The sample prototypes are reflected in many design details. With the continuous development of EMS, electronic and electrical solutions, PCB and PCBA technology, we have been keeping pace with innovative and updated applications.

If you are exploring new concepts in any design, please tell us your choice of new materials.

The Cheapest Cost for Highfive Prototypes

The most important thing is that our prototyping is cheap.

Why You Select Us to Design Your Prototypes

Prototypes and our technical service functions, these cheap processes are broken down into the following parts, which is a turnkey solution

  • Prototyping
  • Fast rotation
  • Mixed production
  • Physical PCB manufacturing and assembly
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing
  • Excellent shipping time
  • Competitive cost
  • Complete confidentiality
  • DFM/DFT/DFZ/DFX Consulting-X = cost, procurement, assembly, testing, quality, reliability, service
  • Confirm EMI control
  • Gerber Review
  • Documented workflow structure
  • Impedance and current control
  • Highfive Electronics is committed to delivering on time, with special emphasis on appropriate documentation. Specification review and regular feedback from engineers will keep you informed of any new developments in the product.
  • PCB prototype competition cost
  • Continuously optimize design and MFG solutions
  • Apply common competitive cost solutions to reduce costs
  • Confirmed perfect BOM can display competitive cost products
  • DFM / DFT / DFZ / DFX-X = cost, procurement, assembly, testing, quality, reliability, service
  • Designed and manufactured by professional experts and reliable PCB engineers
  • Cutting-edge technology and perfect MFG function ensure high quality
  • EMC and EMI experts can provide you with design suggestions
  • Competitive costs based on five main categories of resources

Please contact us now if you need to get more detials of prototypes. In addition, there are some creative and innovative products which you can shop on HIFCARE.

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