Smart Home

The smart home system includes eight subsystems: home wiring system, home network system, smart home (central) control management system, home lighting control system, home security system, background music system (such as TVC flat sound), home theater, and multimedia system, home environment control system, etc.

Highfive Smart Home

Highfive Smart Home

Among them, smart home (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, home security system are necessary systems, home wiring system, home network system, background music system, home theater and multimedia system, home environment control system are optional systems.

In the identification of smart home system products, the smart home (smart home system products) produced by manufacturers must be a necessary system, which can realize the main functions of smart home, so it can be called a smart home.

Therefore, smart home (central) control management system (including data security management system), home lighting control system, and home security system can be directly called smart home (smart home system products). But the optional system can’t be called a smart home directly.

It can only be expressed by the combination of smart home and specific system, such as background music system, which is called background music of smart home. It is a misleading behavior to call the optional system product smart home directly.

In the identification of a smart home environment, a smart home can be called a smart home only when all necessary systems are installed completely and at least one or more optional systems are selected.

Power Generation


Household power generation system is generally composed of photovoltaic array, solar charge and discharge controller, battery group, off-grid inverter, DC load, and AC load. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, the inverter shall also be configured.

A photovoltaic array converts solar energy into electric energy when there is light, supplies power to the load through solar charge and discharge controller, and charges the battery group at the same time; when there is no light, supplies power to DC load through solar charge and discharge controller, and supplies power to independent inverter directly, and supplies current and AC load through the independent inverter. Power supply.


Lighting Control

Wiring system

For an intelligent house, it needs to have a wiring system that can support voice/data, multimedia, home automation, security, and other applications. This system is also an intelligent house wiring system.

Security system

The family security system includes the following aspects: video monitoring, intercom system, access card, emergency help, smoke detection alarm, gas leakage alarm, broken glass detection alarm, infrared dual detection alarm, etc.


Telecontrol control

You can use the remote control to control the opening and closing of lights, water heaters, electric curtains, drinking fountains, air conditioners, and other equipment in your home; through the display screen of the remote control, you can query and display the opening and closing status of lighting appliances on the first floor (or living room); at the same time, the remote control can also control the infrared appliances in your homes, such as TV, DVD, Sound, and other infrared electrical equipment universal remote control.

Telephone control

Telephone remote control, high encryption (telephone recognition) multi-function voice telephone remote control function.

When you are on a business trip or working outside your home, you can control the air conditioner, curtains, and lighting appliances in your home through your mobile phone and fixed phone, so that they can cool or heat the customer in advance or switch on and off. You can know whether the home circuit is normal through your mobile phone or fixed phone.

Household appliances (such as food in the refrigerator, etc.) can also know the indoor air quality (appliances similar to smoke alarms can be installed inside and outside the house) so as to control windows and UV sterilization devices for air exchange or sterilization. In addition, according to the quality of the external weather, appropriate humidification of the indoor air and use of air conditioning and other facilities to heat up the house.

When the owner is not at home, he can also use his mobile phone or landline to automatically water the plants, feed the pets, etc. Control the cabinet of the bedroom to sterilize and dry clothes, shoes, bedding, etc.

Timing control

You can set the automatic opening and closing time of some products in advance, such as the electric water heater will automatically start heating at 20:30 every night, and will automatically turn off the power at 23:30, so as to ensure that you can enjoy the hot water bath, but also bring power saving, comfort, and fashion. Of course, the automatic opening and closing time of electric curtains are even more obvious.

Centralized control

You can turn on the lights in the living room, dining room, and kitchen at the same time when you enter the porch. Especially at night, you can control the lights in the living room and bathroom. It is convenient and safe, and you can also check their working status.

Scene control

You gently touch a key, several kinds of lights, electrical appliances are automatically executed in your “mind”, making you feel and appreciate the perfect, simple and efficient life of technology and fashion

Network control

In the office, in the field of a business trip, as long as there is a network, you can log in to your home through the Internet. In the network world, you can control your home appliances through a fixed smart home control interface and provide a free dynamic domain name.

It is mainly used for remote network control and electrical work status information inquiry. For example, when you are away from home on a business trip, you can control your own lights and electrical appliances thousands of miles away by using the network computer of other places and logging in to the relevant IP address.

Before returning to your home and getting on the plane, turn on the air conditioner or water heater in your home.

Monitoring function

The video monitoring function can directly use a browser (such as IE) through the local area network or broadband network at any time and any place for remote video monitoring and voice call. In addition, it also supports remote PC, local SD card storage, mobile detection mail transmission, FTP transmission, which can achieve professional security protection and fun for family remote video shooting and photographing.

Alarm function

When there is an alarm situation, it can automatically dial a point phone, and link with related electrical appliances for alarm processing.

Sharing function

The home video control system includes the home video exchange center (video sharing) and the background music system (audio sharing).

It is a multimedia platform for home entertainment. It uses advanced micro-computer technology, wireless remote control technology, and infrared remote control technology, under the precise control of program instructions, it can send multiple signal sources such as set-top box, satellite receiver, DVD, computer, video server, HD player, etc. to the TV, audio and other terminal devices in each room according to the needs of users.

Realize a variety of audio-visual equipment sharing the living room. Your family is a unique design of AV film and television exchange center.

The video and audio system technology can automatically classify and organize the UI experience of local movie posters. App technology, tablet / mobile app of the shadow cabinet, can synchronize the content of Media Center for wireless free control at any time through LAN.

The DVD player, digital TV set-top box, satellite TV receiver, and other four kinds of audio-visual equipment in the living room can be shared to five rooms for viewing and remote control; (the bedroom room, bathroom, study, and other rooms can choose the other plus the living room) is the audio and video equipment of your home CD / TV / FM / MP3 (or digital TV set-top box, satellite TV set-top box, IPTV, online movie, DVD, etc.)

To solve the sharing problem, to solve the remote control, channel change, and volume operation purpose of audio and video equipment for you, as well as the effect and convenience of installing a digital TV set-top box (VCD, DVD) satellite TV set-top box in your bedroom.

Music system

Simply put, in any house, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom, you can set up a background music line. Through one or more sound sources, (CD / TV / FM / MP3 sound source), you can hear the wonderful background music in each room.

With AV film and television exchange products, it can use the lowest cost, not only realize the sharing of audio and video signals in each room but also select the background music signal source independently in each room. It can remotely turn on, turn off, change stations, fast forward, fast backward, etc. it is the best cost-effective design scheme for audio and video, background music sharing, and remote control!

Entertainment system

“Digital entertainment” is to use the study computer as the broadcast center of family entertainment. The content broadcast and displayed in the living room or master bedroom large screen TV comes from a number of music resources, film and television resources, television resources, game resources, information resources, and so on.

Wiring system

Through a general management box, all kinds of lines called weak currents, such as telephone line, cable TV line, broadband network line and audio line, are planned in an orderly state to uniformly manage the telephone, fax, computer, TV, DVD player, security monitoring equipment and other network information appliances in the room, so as to make them more powerful, more convenient to use, easier to maintain and more convenient. It is easy to expand new use, realize telephone extension, LAN construction, cable TV sharing, etc.

Fingerprint lock

You must have had such an embarrassment: for some reason, you forgot to bring the key to the house door, or your family members or guests visiting, you just can’t rush back immediately and so on! If you can open the house door with a mobile phone or telephone in the unit or far away places at this time, how convenient it would be!

And in units or remote places with mobile phones or phone “query” a home digital fingerprint lock “on, off” status, is it safer for you! The world’s top biometrics, the perfect combination of fingerprint technology and password technology, three independent door opening modes: fingerprint, password and mechanical key, safe and convenient

Air conditioning

There is a kind of equipment that doesn’t need to open windows all day (some bathrooms are airtight), which can change the filtered fresh air for you regularly (the outside air is filtered in, and the turbid air in the house is eliminated at the same time)

Pet sitter

What a fun and fashionable life it would be to call home and feed your beloved pet and hear its voice! We have developed a high-tech, easy to operate telephone remote control, automatic timing control, remote control pet feeder…

Mobile phone control

In recent years, with the rapid development of digital communication technology and network technology, it is obvious to all that people are increasingly eager to enjoy a more convenient, faster, smarter, and more comfortable digital smart home life.

In traditional home life, many home appliances, such as air conditioning, color TV, home theater, etc., use the remote control to control switches and select programs. Have you ever thought of using your mobile phone to control What about these household appliances?

It’s not a dream to control home appliances with mobile phones. The development of smart homes makes us yearn for life and enjoy the new life brought by smart homes.

Intelligent security

Indoor anti-theft, anti-hijacking, fire prevention, gas leakage prevention, emergency rescue, and other functions, fully integrated voice telephone remote control, timing control, scene control, wireless forwarding, and other intelligent lighting and home appliance control functions; no need to rewire, plug and play, easy to achieve home intelligent security; preset anti-theft alarm telephone; reliable quality, stable performance, no need to worry about home safety. Safety of property, the safety of life.


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