SoM Module ODM

Hiedesign offers a variety of ARM processor-based system-on-module SoMs, from the Cortex-A7 to the more powerful Cortex-A72 core.

You can choose from different companies, including Allwinner, MTK, NXP, Renesa, Rockchip, ST and other ARM processor suppliers. We welcome custom design services, allowing modifications to our existing hardware and the flexibility to reduce or add components and features.

We can also provide fully customized solutions to meet customer requirements, including turnkey designs.

In addition, the system on each module has a dedicated development board, providing a comprehensive development platform for evaluation and application development. It’s a great demonstration of SoM connectivity capabilities and performance.

Typical characteristics for SoM Module ODM

Comes with a ready-to-use operating system and popular development environment

1 Industrial reliability

SOM is manufactured using only industrial-grade components. These products are engineered to ensure extended service life even in harsh outdoor conditions.

2. Ready-made carrier board.

The ready-to-use carrier board serves as a complete reference platform for evaluation, development and even early production. The carrier board provides a demonstration platform for the rich connectivity options, performance and feature set of the system on the associated module.

3. Flexible connection methods

SOM offers multiple connectivity options for a variety of applications and use cases, including dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, LTE wireless connectivity and Ethernet.


4. SoM Module ODM

Bring complex products to market quickly.

We offer highly integrated, volume-ready production-ready core boards (SOMs) for rapid development and faster time to market.We provide a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to make your designs more scalable and maintainable, helping you reduce time to market, development costs and design risks.

SoM Module ODM

SoM Module ODM

Our products are based on Allwinner/MTK/NXP/Renesa/Rockchip, ST / etc. Arm® Cortex® i.MX 8 / i.MX 6 manufacturing chips,

Application scope  of SoM Module ODM

Designed for automation, connectivity, advanced graphics, artificial intelligence, imaging, machine vision, audio, speech, and video applications.

Our technical support SoM Module ODM

Technical support channels provide industry-leading support. You can contact us by email or phone or join our active forum where our experts are ready to answer your questions.


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