Baby Monitor


The baby monitor monitoring program adopts low-power WiFi+RF dual-mode transmission, which is composed of a caregiver (also called a monitoring terminal or a baby terminal) and a mobile receiving terminal (control terminal or parent terminal). The receiving terminal has a 5-inch large-screen display. , Can be moved by hand;

The receiving end can be used in conjunction with the mobile phone after being connected to the Internet. Parents can also monitor the baby’s every move at any time when they are away. It can be used in combination with 4 monitoring terminals;


Network Baby Monitor Highfive

Network Baby Monitor Highfive

By placing a caregiver in the baby’s room, the safety of the baby can be monitored at any time through the smartphone or the receiving terminal. When your baby sleeps, turn on sound detection and motion detection, and your baby’s every move is under your control. You don’t need to stay by your side to understand his behavior, and at the same time give your baby a comfortable and quiet sleep environment.

Network baby monitor, also called an IP baby monitor, is a high-precision, long-distance, multi-purpose monitor produced by applying network technology to the field of baby surveillance and baby care product.

The network baby monitor itself is a digital camera device that integrates multiple advanced technologies such as video compression technology, computer technology, network technology, and embedded technology.

Parents or guardians only need to install the network baby camera in a fixed corner of the baby room and turn it on. Through simple settings, they can remotely watch the baby’s every move at home from any place in the world with the Internet via mobile phone or computer.

For example, if the parents have a meeting in a foreign country and the baby is sleeping at home, at this time, you can use your laptop or mobile phone to check whether the baby is awake at any time. The latest network baby monitor even adds practical functions such as a two-way intercom, automatic alarm, and screenshot recording.

1. Baby Monitor Function

WIFI supports 802.11 b/g/n networks, Bluetooth BLE speed distribution network

Low power consumption micro-amp standby

Built-in high-definition wide-angle lens

The local 2.4G monitoring terminal communicates with the receiving terminal

Support APP (Android, Apple) remote viewing

Support multiple monitoring terminal paired use

Support IPS 1280×720 display (single, four-split display)

Support night vision mode

Two-way voice intercom

Support micro SD card local storage

Support remote recording of voice and video

Support network mode/local mode to watch voice and video in real-time

Support push-button call

Support motion detection

Support sound detection

Support temperature measurement

Support lullaby play

2. Baby Monitor Parameters

CMOS, 1/4″ color sensor
Resolution HD1280*720 (1 million pixels)
Image resolution 720P (1280×720)
Maximum image transmission rate 25-30 frames/sec
Two-way voice support
TF card camera support
Call the police
Motion detection, sound detection, temperature measurement

3.  Baby Monitor Project Cooperation

1. Support a full set of program cooperation

2. Open the SDK of the APP, and support customers to develop their own APP

3. Support secondary development and provide WiFi module (including software to realize all network terminal functions)

1) Provide the communication interface of the module, and the user can directly call the required network function on the SONIX chip

2) If users want to realize more functions on WiFi, a P2P communication library can also be provided


4.  Why We Need Baby Monitor?


A. It has the problem of electromagnetic transmission interference degradation that ordinary wireless baby monitors do not have, and the theoretical transmission distance is infinite.

B. It has the functions of direct recording baby monitor to record sound and take images and videos, and it can record the generated files on the designated computer without using a memory card.

C. The network baby monitor can be set with an automatic alarm function, and the signal can be sent to the mailbox or security center in the form of email or skype by combining with VOX or motion detection.

D. The management background of the network baby monitor can theoretically support up to nine monitors at the same time to watch at the same time, while the control end of the ordinary baby monitor supports up to 4 monitors, and can only be switched and viewed in turn, not at the same time.

E. The most widely used function of terminal monitoring on the computer platform allows parents to free themselves from the task of staring at the handheld console, and can also engage in other editing or entertainment work on the computer;
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