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What is the battery PACK? What factors need to be considered in the structural design of the lithium pack? Many people ask the editor: What does it mean to always hear the pack? What do you need to pay attention to in the structure design of the pack? Don’t worry, we can Everyone introduces the basic knowledge of the lithium PACK industry in detail, let you feast your eyes!

What is a battery pack?

Highfive Battery Pack BMS A

Highfive Battery Pack BMS A

Battery PACK generally refers to packaging, packaging, and assembly, PACK generally refers to assembled batteries, because lithium batteries form a certain voltage and capacity through the series and parallel connection of single lithium batteries, and the installation of protective plates can be assembled for charging and discharging. process. For example, if two batteries are connected in series, Anzhao customers require a certain shape, we call it PACK.

The PACK battery assembly process is a key step in the production of lithium packs, and its importance is becoming more and more obvious with the continuous expansion of the electric vehicle market. At present, automotive power batteries are basically composed of the following systems: battery modules, battery management systems, thermal management systems, electrical and mechanical systems.


Battery Pack Design

Six factors that need to be considered in the structural design of the lithium battery pack

1. The PACK design of lithium battery pack structure involves many levels:

For example, mechanical structure design should consider strength, shock resistance, heat dissipation/heating, waterproof, dustproof, etc.; electrical design should be considered, safety regulations, EMC safety regulations, etc. should be considered; lithium battery management system design should also be considered, overshoot should be considered, Over-discharge, over-temperature, detection accuracy, battery balance, etc., to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery must be reasonably designed and verified by the market.

2. Factors to be considered in the structural design of power lithium battery pack

a. Waterproof, the waterproof level reaches IP68;

b. Maintain the air pressure balance inside and outside the lithium battery pack. Because the temperature of the battery pack changes during charging and discharging, the air pressure inside the battery pack changes, and the PUW explosion-proof valve can breathe while not leaking, so it can keep the air pressure inside the pack. Like the outside world;

c. Explosion-proof, once the lithium battery pack has thermal runaway, the air pressure in the battery pack rises sharply, and the pack is in danger of explosion at this time, so the PUW explosion-proof valve becomes a breakthrough, which can quickly and quickly relieve the pressure;

3. In the combination of PACK lithium battery packs, in addition to the control of the safety and reliability of the pack, the cooling and heating aspects, especially the method of battery connection, the accuracy of BMS measurement must be considered. This problem is common. , Ignoring the impact of the pressure drop on the test, resulting in the balancing ability of the pack.

4. Waterproof and earthquake resistance are both important in the PACK structure of the lithium pack. Speaking of it, the PACK is actually complex. There are many issues involved, but if you can do the details, it will be great;

5. Integration of lithium PACK structure design: After the PACK of a single module is completed, they must be connected in series to form a pack. At this time, the series connection between each other should be considered to meet the fast and safe series interface form;

6. The internal insulation design problem of the PACK structure design: the battery has been designed with the insulation of the positive and negative poles, but the uncertain factors of the car battery are too complicated, so it must be set separately during the design of the PACK battery. The insulation conditions are set to meet the requirements of shock, vibration, humidity, and other complex environments. The battery is still safe and effective.

The above is about the basic knowledge of  PACK and several major factors that affect the structure design of lithium PACK. I hope everyone can understand. Lithium PACK may form different market segments in the future. Lithium battery manufacturers should be optimistic about this tuyere, hurry up and develop! The article comes from Cuneng Electric.


With the development of the new energy battery PACK, there will be more developments and some problems will be encountered.


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