Smart Curtain System

The shading system of ordinary small apartments mainly involves opening and closing, roller blinds, or blinds. Now, many companies have launched their own electric  motors, and traditional electric sunshade companies such as Duya Motor and Hunter Douglas will also launch electric sunshade products that support Apple Homekit.

The following are the main products.

This article introduces the sunshade system of electric opening and closing.

There are two types of smart electric screen systems commonly used in the market:

Smart Curtain Highfive

Smart Curtain Highfive

1. First, the smart motor has a built-in wireless control protocol, which can only be used with the manufacturer’s smart host or gateway, the smart motor system (or the motor that directly supports the Homekit protocol introduced by Dua).

The advantage of this is that the wiring is convenient, and only the power socket needs to be reserved, and the control signal is transmitted through the wireless signal.

2. The electric motor is an ordinary strong current or weak current control motor. The smart home has been equipped with a controller, which controls by connecting the controller to the motor.

The disadvantage of this control method is that another signal line needs to be placed from the electric motor to the controller (installed on the bedside or other side). Wiring will be more complicated.

Moreover, if the screen and the curtain are controlled at the same time, there will be two motors and two controllers, and the cost will increase. The advantage is that you can control any electric shading equipment, such as electric roller blinds, electric blinds, and other shading equipment.

Unlike the first one, you can only control it when the manufacturer starts a special motor.

If the smart motor needs bedside control, it needs to be equipped with a matching wireless panel or controlled by a mobile phone. The second type of ordinary electric motor can also be equipped with remote control, and can also be integrated into a smart control application for mobile control.

If it is a smart motor that directly supports a home kit, you should use a product with a built-in wireless control protocol. I think such products are also the future trend, with simple wiring and convenient control.

Embedded wiring skills

The electric system includes a motor and a track, so the size of the control box should be considered when decorating. Generally, the length depends on the size of the window, and the width must not be less than the manufacturer’s recommended value.

Only the width of the control box of the linear guide is displayed here. If you have electric curtains with curved guide rails in your home, you need to ask the guide manufacturer for the specific dimensions.

The most important thing is to unplug the power cord or control cord. The power socket can be kept on the left or right side of them, and the motor can be installed on both sides of the track. This mainly depends on whether the installation position of the motor is hindered by other factors (such as door and window cover).

If you use a controller to control curtains, if you don’t lay out the control wires in the early days, you can actually change the reserved socket to a controller hidden in the box so that you can also control the motor through your mobile phone.

If it is a new decoration, you need to pull out the 6-core power cord from the installation position of the box motor (the motor needs a 6-core control signal line) to the position of the controller (such as the bedside). The zero live wire also needs to be kept in the reserved bottom box of the controller.

In short, the easiest way to decorate and embed is to keep the 220V power supply in the curtain box. As long as the power is retained, other problems can be solved.

Functions of electric curtain opening and closing motor

General timing, voice or scene linkage control I don’t introduce much, mainly talking about the more practical functions of motor, such as hand pull start function, the motor with this function, you gently pull the curtain with your hand, it will automatically run to the open or closed position, or in case of power failure, it can also be pulled like ordinary curtains.

This function is more suitable for rooms with the elderly. The elderly often use their hands to pull them. Without this function, they can’t move. It’s easy to have problems after a long time.

Usage of electric curtains

My own experience is that, for example, in the bedroom, the electric system and light are linked into a bedtime mode.

Now, everyone will not go to bed immediately when they go to bed. They will play with mobile phones and then go to bed. So we need a scene where the curtain is closed and a dark atmosphere is reserved for lighting.

Such a bedtime mode will eliminate the switching action that we need to repeat every day, such as If you match the smart speaker, you can say directly in the bedroom: I’m going to bed. The bedtime mode will start automatically, and then you can start undressing. It’s convenient to think about it.


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