Soap Dispenser


Highfive has professional R & D teams  to provides  customization as  a one-stop solution for soap dispenser:

1. Intelligent sensing, sensitive and convenient, infrared precise sensing, can be customized for customers, ODM & OEM.

2. 3 Millions times for  life testings.

3. Convenient and safe replacement of sanitizer and battery.

4. More detail functions can be customized for customers.

5.  Three or ten cm sensing distance.

6. The sanitizer output cab be adjusted according to the demand, once or twice.

7. Start and stop in 0.1 second, there is no any more sanitizer dripping after the dripping was finished, and the indicator light flashes after the sanitizer was dripped.


1. Portable personal application.

2. Family.

3. Enterprises and institutions, government, offices.

4. Food and occasions for sterilization.

5. Public area.

6. Etc.