SOM Maximize Performance

Designed specifically for the SOM series, aiming to maximize the performance potential and product life of the ARM-based SOM series CPU boards. It adopts a single-slot design to support future CPU boards of the SOM series.

With rich I/O, it supports all the functions that SOM series CPU boards can provide, and provides a strong and flexible platform for your next project.

SOM Board

SOM Operating system Tailored for You

The software team can customize the operating system and drivers to meet your needs. This includes Android, Ubuntu, and yocto and buildRoot, which can provide the most stable customized operating system for your applications. BSP (Board Support Package) can also be provided to support customers who develop their own operating system projects.

SOM Motherboard Customization & Board-to-system-level Services

Provide high-quality customized services through timely response workflow, experienced R&D technology, and comprehensive services to meet your project needs. Providing high-quality OEM/ODM services can maximize your business success rate.

The Core Board makes Product Development More Convenient

As the market’s demand for product innovation, functional novelty, and product update timeliness continues to rise, equipment manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and reduce product development time. At the same time, the latest processor technology The development complexity is also higher than before. By using off-the-shelf SOM products and BSPs that can be directly productized, together with customized integration services, you can reduce product development time by 6-12 months.

Embedded product development often has to choose between self-research or outsourcing of components. 100% independent development and construction of the entire system will have complete autonomy for the product and will bring better development flexibility, but when you make an accurate assessment of the development cost, you will find that the total investment required to design and develop a set of excellent embedded products will be much higher than the simple sum of material costs and software and hardware development time.

Total Investment In Embedded Development

Even if the hardware circuit design and BSP development of the processor are carried out at the same time, the time may be as high as one year, which will inevitably lead to a considerable loss of opportunity cost. Other hidden costs also include design risks, manufacturing, production testing, specification changes, and environmental regulations. More in-depth consideration factors include professional resources, unplanned delays, chip manufacturer support, and long-term maintenance costs.

Professional Resources

Embedded development requires the support of a large R&D team with different degrees of expertise in hardware, software, and application fields. Many companies often focus on experts who are well-studied in industry applications. In advanced digital circuit design, high-frequency wiring, low-level driver development, and operating system transplantation professionals are relatively weak.

No Project Delay

In the product trial production stage, multiple modifications are often required, which can easily lead to a considerable delay in mass production. At the same time, it takes several months to repeatedly verify the software and hardware schemes in this process.

Chip Manufacturer Support

We have a long-term good relationship with key chip manufacturers. We have always been the earliest development users of chip products, and we can obtain the most cutting-edge semiconductor technology and sample support before the product testing stage. The participation of solution providers has enabled many embedded OEM manufacturers to use these technologies in the early stages of the processor’s listing.

Maintenance Cost

The maintenance cost of the product can include the control of the shutdown time of the components in the product, the management of the production quality, and the supporting support for the product software and hardware upgrades. We will solve all your worries in this regard.

Core Board Solution

SOM products integrate the core functional circuits common to all embedded products and integrate the processor with RAM, Flash memory, power management, LCD, Ethernet, USB, and other common interfaces into a compact, reliable, electromagnetic compatible electronic motherboard.

Using the core board for product development, you can avoid complex processor development, fine pitch BGA design, high-speed PCB wiring, design verification, and EMC compliance design, while also eliminating a lot of board bring-up and BSP Development work.

SOM series of embedded solutions.

CPU NXP Vybrid Intel PXA270 Samsung S5PV210
Core ARM Cortex-A5 + Cortex-M4
No. of Cores Single-/Dual-Core
Frequency max. 500MHz + 167MHz 520MHz 1GHz
L2-Cache 512KB
Video CPU MPEG4-1080p
Linux Buildroot 3.3
Windows WCE 6.0
WEC 2013
WCE 6.0 R3 WCE 6.0 R3/ WEC 7
Real Time MQX
Flash max. 1GB 64MByte Flash 128MB Flash (1GB opt.)
RAM max. 512MB 64MByte SDRAM, optional 128MByte 256MB RAM (512MB opt.)
SD-Card 1x on-board 1
Ethernet 2x 10/100Mb
10/ 100MB 2x 10/ 100MB
USB Host 1x 1 1
USB Device 1x 1 1
CAN 2x 1 2
I2C 1x 1 2
SPI 1x 1 1
Audio Line In/Out/Mic AC97 Audio Codec On-Board In/ Out/ Mic
Digital I/O max. 21 21 21
Touch Panel 4-wire, analog resistive
PCAP Touch via I2C
4-wire, analog resistive 4-wire, analog resistive
capacitive Touch via I2C
RGB 18bit
LVDS + WXGA with the adapter board
Supply Voltage +5V DC/ ±5% +5VDC/ ±5% +5V DC/ ±5%
Power Consumption 1,5W typ. 5W typ.
Operating Temperature 0°C – +70°C
opt. -25°C – +85°C
0°C – +70°C, optional -25°C – +85°C 0°C – +70°C (-25°C – +85°C opt.)
Size 100x80x11mm
100mm x 80mm x 11mm (l x b x d) 100mm x 80mm x 11mm (l x b x d)
Weight ~45g 55g about 50g
Long Term Availability 2028 2028  2028

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