We focus on healthcare, elderly care technology, home care, artificial intelligence, safety, security, prevention, AIoT/4G/WIFI/BLE/ZigBee/mmWaveRadar, edge computing, sensors/monitors/detectors/alarms, etc.

Our H5 team consists of a team of experts in different fields such as technology, medical care, doctors, product development, manufacturing, quality, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

1. Hiedesign products and services

AIoT medical sensor

medical monitor

Medical detector

Health and Safety Home Monitoring

home security


Alarm and prevention

2. Hiedesign applied to artificial intelligence models

We have accumulated many years of experience in medical and health data, forming a digital model based on artificial intelligence. Medical data application system provides many customers with cutting-edge international digital medical products and services.

3. Hiedesign intelligent hardware products

The scope includes but is not limited to the following:

a. Gas sensor

Such as carbon monoxide detector, carbon dioxide detector, TVOC total organic content detector, formaldehyde detector, air particulate matter PM2.5, PM10 detector, benzene C6H6 monitor, temperature and humidity meter, air quality AQI monitor, etc.

b. Air purifier

c. ZigBee smart gateway

Edge computing gateway, ZigBee gateway.

d. Intelligent health monitor

Forehead thermometer, blood glucose meter, blood pressure monitor, blood lipid meter, electrocardiograph (including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen), etc.

e. Bluetooth BEACON

f. Millimeter wave radar monitor

Fall monitor, millimeter wave radar sleep breathing detector.

g. PIR thermal imaging detector

PIR monitoring of human presence.

h. Water immersion sensor

i. Sound and light alarm

j. Smoke sensor

k. Aerosol fire extinguishing device

l. Home care robot, lawn mowing robot

m. Security monitoring

Door sensor Bluetooth BEACON, AOA locator, GPS locator, etc.

For products and services not listed, please contact the marketing and sales department for more information.


4. Hiedesign value proposition

Create one-stop products and project services for customers. The project or product implementation process begins with just an idea from the customer. Other processes can be turnkey solutions. We implement ID design, structural design, hardware development, firmware development, communication protocol development, platform development, APP development, and finally connect the product to the cloud platform. Allow customers to achieve rapid marketization of brands and projects.

Our value proposition lies in providing end-to-end electronic solutions from design to production and cloud platform. With our 18 years of extensive technology development and manufacturing experience and focus on high quality, we can help you save time and money in the fast-paced market. Our design and development, procurement and prototyping services ensure you have a streamlined and efficient electronics design and production process, including SaaS customization we can provide.

5. Hiedesign customized ODM achieves our customers’ IDEA

Many of our customers entrust us with working with them on their NPI/prototyping needs and then successfully transitioning these new projects into volume production.

Our NPI process ensures your NPI needs are managed and built by the same electronic solutions team and equipment as your production volume.

This enables a value-added process that ensures you a high-quality and cost-effective product.

Nothing is lost in the transition from NPI/prototype processes to high-volume production processes, providing accountability and exceptional customer satisfaction.



6. Hiedesign help customers enter the market quickly and efficiently

Help customers in different fields enter the market in a timely manner. We start from the very beginning of design, all the way through production. Customers benefit from our experience, material selection and economies of scale. Our 18+ years of technology expertise can help you save time and money in a fast-paced market.

Our attention to detail and commitment to our customers in small business environments delivers quality products on time.

Accountability and superior customer satisfaction are provided by nothing being lost in the transition from the NPI/Prototype process to the higher volume production process.

Please contact  for more details if you need, or visit our HifCare for our design and services.