Smart IoT Outlet

The Trend of Smart IoT Outlet

Smart homes are getting closer and closer to our lives, and smart sockets are currently the most popular smart home products. In layman’s terms, smart sockets are a kind of sockets that save electricity. The concept of energy-saving sockets has been developed long ago, and it has been developed more widely so far, and technological progress has been greatly improved.

Smart IoT Outlet Highfive

Smart IoT Outlet Highfive

Some high-end energy-saving sockets not only save electricity but also protect electrical appliances. They can be connected to handheld devices through Wifi, Bluetooth, etc. The main functions are remote switch, voice control, smart sensor detection, including smart monitoring of security, power, etc.

The smart socket is different from the previous socket. In addition to the power interface, it also has a USB interface and a WIFI connection device inside, allowing users to control home appliances through a variety of smart ways, opening a new era of remote control of home appliances and smart life.

Smart IoT Outlet Application Scenarios

Smart sockets can set time switches for home appliances, not only for safety monitoring, saving electricity and money, but also saving time for users, efficient and fast applications. Everyone sets the startup time, shutdown time, different parameter settings, etc. for toasters, coffee machines, egg cookers, etc., so that we can have a delicious breakfast waiting for us in the morning.

Smart sockets can remotely control TVs, curtains, stereos, garages, etc. through mobile phone applications such as WeChat. Mobile device APP remote control should be the biggest feature of smart sockets, and it is also part of the future development and progress of smart home systems.

At present, smart sockets can realize part of human-computer interaction functions. With the mobile APP tool, users can easily move their fingers to complete operations such as turning on the air conditioner, electric kettle, and rice cooker no matter how far away they are.

The smart socket has built-in sensors that can monitor data such as light, temperature, humidity, and household electricity consumption in the environment.

The smart socket can also use the wireless module in the socket as a relay to enhance the WIFI signal. In addition, in the dark night, the smart socket can also act as a night light to ensure the lighting of the bedroom and other spaces.

The smart socket product solution can realize the compact size of the smart socket and realize the functional requirements you need.

If you want to have other extended functions, you can choose products with multiple functions such as sensing and environmental monitoring; if you are looking for a fashionable appearance, you can choose small, colorful products.

Application Technology of Smart IoT Outlet

The smart socket is one of the products under the development of smart homes. Its working principle is to install a WiFi module inside the structure so that the client on the smartphone can connect to WiFi correspondingly, so as to realize accurate and remote control and monitoring.

WiFi wireless smart socket uses WiFi technology, plug, and play. The equipment can be connected to household appliances such as air conditioners, water heaters, water dispensers, chargers, rice cookers, etc.

In addition to ordinary switch functions, smart sockets also have powerful timing, delay, and query the current status of the socket anytime and anywhere.

The WiFi smart socket uses the existing WiFi network in the home, allowing your smartphone or tablet computer to turn on or off the specified electrical appliances through App operation under the condition of the Internet.

Since smart sockets can completely power off electrical appliances, for televisions and electric water heaters with the higher power, they can be turned on at any time after being controlled by smart sockets (self-set time switch machine), every month It can also save considerable electricity bills.

The smart socket contains an AC-DC power supply (smart socket power supply), WIFI module, sensor, metering chip, relay and MCU control unit, etc.

The smart socket has a built-in high-power relay to switch on or off electrical appliances.

Power Metering Record

The smart socket has a built-in metering chip module, which can be set to cut off the electricity consumption of electrical appliances at regular intervals. It can cut off the electricity consumption of electrical appliances by setting the cut-off power consumption value. It can record the electricity consumption of electrical appliances, display current power, current-voltage, current, etc., which is conducive to scientific use The electricity consumption of electrical appliances is clear at a glance.

Smart IoT Outlet Built-in Sensor

The smart socket has built-in sensors that can monitor data such as light, temperature, humidity, and household electricity consumption in the environment.

Smart IoT Outlet Solution Advantage

The above-mentioned high-power relays, WIFI wireless modules, metering chip modules, sensors, and control chips require a total of several hundred milliamps of DC current. The smart socket power supply needs to be as necessary as possible when it meets the DC power required by the smart switch.

To ensure the stability of wireless transmission and reduce internal heating. You can use a large current power supply solution to design the power supply to easily meet the power supply requirements of wide voltage and high current (input voltage range: 32Vac-380Vac, output 12V/500mA, peak 800mA, and other voltage and current requirements).

The advantages of the smart socket power solution we provide are a wide voltage range, low standby power consumption, high conversion efficiency, and the small size of the power supply, which is suitable for being placed in a small-sized socket.

The smart socket has the same function as the ordinary socket. It can be used as a charger for household appliances and mobile digital devices. It is not only a power switch but also can be remotely controlled through the corresponding APP connected to make household electricity safer, more convenient, and comfortable. . As people’s usage requirements increase, more and more attention is paid to the design innovation of smart sockets.

Smart IoT Outlet Design Elements

Functionally, the smart socket is designed with the 5V/2.1A interface and USB interface of standard household appliances. It can be used to remotely control the socket switch via the mobile phone in the wireless Internet WiFi environment.

The mobile device APP remote control is the biggest feature of the smart socket. Regardless of the distance, users can lightly move their fingers to complete the opening and closing operations of air conditioners, electric kettles, and rice cookers. At the same time, the smart socket is equipped with a timing function, and the user can turn on or off the smart socket regularly.

Simple Appearance

In addition, the smart socket is simple and modern in appearance design. The upper and lower shells of the product are shaped with a high-gloss surface. The surface processing is delicate, the hand feels round and comfortable, and the exterior is fixed without screws. The front and rear shells are ultrasonically welded. The overall appearance is simple and generous, giving people more affinity, Beautiful feeling.

Safety Standard

Pay attention to product safety experience, high-standard circuit design, safe and reliability without electromagnetic interference; high temperature 750℃ flame retardant, anti-surge, anti-800A impact; high-gloss nickel on the surface, effectively improving the conductivity and plugging experience.


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