LED Lighting Control

The LED lighting system is the most basic smart home system and a more practical product.

Basically, smart home companies will produce products related to lighting control, some of which are smart bulbs, smart light strips, and some are smart switch panels. Then the control is divided into switch control, dimming control, or color control.


Highfive LED Lighting Control Desgin Copper Base PCB

Highfive LED Lighting Control Design Copper Base PCB

Smart bulb LED Lighting Control Design

It turns out that no one installs smart switches, so the easiest way to perform smart lighting is to use smart bulbs. You can replace ordinary light bulbs at home with smart light bulbs to connect the smart light bulbs to the gateway for network control. You can adjust the light or color temperature through a mobile app (usually placed in a desk lamp or bedside lamp).

There are problems with using this smart bulb, or always use the light switch to control the smart bulb, or use the mobile app to control it.

If you turn off the light switch, the smart bulb will have no electricity, and you can no longer use the app to turn on the light. If there are other smart lights or devices in the house, it will be more troublesome to link the lights in the scene.

Smart LED Lighting Control Strip Design

Many places in the home need to use led strips as effect lights, such as the back of the TV or the bottom of the TV cabinet, the bedside, or the bottom of the bar, which can be dimmed and dimmed. The atmosphere is very good. The finished smart light strip can be purchased and plugged into the power supply and can use the access control system.

Therefore, when decorating and designing, we should consider the place where the light strip needs to be placed in advance to reserve power. socket.

Many customers decorate the light strips when they are placed on the ceiling of the living room. The light strips are also divided into simple brightness dimming or RGB color dimming light strips. Pay attention to the distinction when buying.

People are paying more and more attention to building modernization and reducing energy costs. Indoor LED lighting design is the top priority of this work.

The adjustable onboard white LED chip (COB) brings us a people-oriented and circadian lighting design.

Wireless LED Lighting Control Design

Many lights are now equipped with onboard sensors and wireless network lighting control. This helps achieve better energy saving, flexibility, and data collection functions to optimize the experience. In addition, energy efficiency and a wider dimming range are still key design considerations.

The combination of LED drivers, signal chain and wireless connectivity, and embedded processing can help designers build small designs with a lower overall BOM cost.

The reference design in Highfive Designs shows smart lighting applications using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or Zigbee connectivity.

Highfive design shows how to achieve wide-range dimming in PWM, parallel FET PWM, and analog dimming methods

The integrated ambient light sensor can achieve daylight energy harvesting and constant lumen output, thereby improving energy efficiency

The best IoT solution for LED lighting control, connected to the cloud, you can enjoy the lighting environment intelligently

We can provide expert design services, and you can provide some ideas to quickly and efficiently implement the LED lighting control solution you need. We can also connect the lighting control to the cloud without worrying about remote control.

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