Lighting Control Hiedesign

1) Centralized control and multi-point operation of lighting control

Terminals in any place can control lights in different places, or terminals in different locations can control the same lights. Use various methods to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA, phone, so that users can use the simplest method to control equipment anytime, anywhere (even in the swimming pool).

LED Lighting Control Highfive

LED Lighting Control Highfive

2) Gradient function lighting control

When the light is turned on, the light gradually turns on from the dark place. When the light is turned off, the light will gradually dim from dark to dark to avoid sudden changes in brightness to irritate the human eye, provide a buffer for the human eye, and protect the eye. And avoid the impact of high current and high-temperature mutation on the filament, protect the bulb, and extend the service life.

3) Light and dark adjustment of lighting control

Whether you are meeting with guests, watching TV, listening to music, or being with your family, or thinking alone, or even tasting whiskey, adjusting the brightness of different lights can create a more comfortable, peaceful, and harmonious atmosphere and a warm atmosphere.

And a deeper life experience, soft lighting can make you feel happy, less dark lighting can help you think, and more and more bright lights make the atmosphere hotter.

These operations are very convenient. You can press and hold the local switch to adjust the brightness and dimming, or you can use the central controller or remote control to adjust the brightness and dimming with just one press of a key.

4) Full on/off and memory of lighting control

The lights of the entire lighting system can realize the functions of one-key full-on and one-key full-off. Before you go to bed or leave home, you can press the all-off button and all the lights will turn off. It saves you from running around the entire room.

5) Lighting control timing control

Through the progress management module, you can define the timing to turn on and off the lights. For example, at 7:00 every morning, slowly adjust the light in the bedroom to the appropriate brightness; at midnight, automatically turn off all lights.

6) Lighting control scene-setting

For fixed mode scenes, there is no need to turn on and off the lights and dim lights one by one. You can only press the key once to control a group of lights for programming.

This is the scene-setting function. The conversion of multiple lighting scenes can be realized with just one touch; it can also obtain the combined scenes of the required lighting and appliances, such as home mode, home mode, meeting mode, dining mode, movie mode, couple night talk, night living mode Wait.

7) Lighting control local switch 

You can directly control the local lighting according to your usual habits; according to your needs, the switch can be arbitrarily set to control objects, for example, the button in the hall can be used to turn off all the lights; in this way, you only need to press it when you are out. Turning off all lights is not only energy-saving, safe but also very convenient.

8) Infrared and wireless remote control

In any room, use the infrared handheld remote control to control the on/off status and dimming status of all network lights (regardless of whether the lights are in the room); after entering the room, you do not need to turn on the lights, you can use the remote control to turn on the lights before entering any room.

Turn on the light. From now on, you don’t need to look for a light switch in the dark. Depending on the type of house, the model of the remote control is also different, for example, four remote controls are suitable for two rooms and one hall, six remote controls are suitable for three rooms and one hall, in addition, there are eight, ten, Twelve, sixteen remote controls are suitable for duplex and villa use.

9) Telephone remote control

Realize the remote control of lights or scenes through any ordinary telephone or mobile phone. This function can be used to simulate the lighting conditions of the host before going home to prevent being late.

10) The lighting system also has power-off and self-locking functions

When your house is powered off, all lights will remain off after the call. The smart lighting system can also be connected to the security system. When an alarm occurs, the lights on the balcony will flash continuously.

Lighting Control Design 

The scientific home lighting system design family is generally divided into the living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, study room, bathroom, and so on. Because of their different functions in the family, we can design different lighting parts.

a) The living room is the reception area and family activity place

Usually, it is equipped with chandeliers, spotlights, wall lights, downlights, etc. Different lighting effects can be produced by using different lights (such as leisure, entertainment, TV, reception and other scene modes).

For example: set the reception to 80% of the ceiling light, 60% of the wall light, and 80% of the downlight; set the TV scene to 20% of the ceiling light, 40% of the wall light, and 10% of the downlight. Because of the use of dimming control, the light illumination can have a gradual change process. Through the remote control or the on-site control of the panel, the scene can be changed at will to create warm, wavy, and elegant lighting for guests. Environmental science.

b) Dining room as a dining place

Use scene control to set various lighting modes, which can be set for lighting scenes such as Chinese food and Western food, to create a warm, romantic, and elegant dining lighting environment for family members. Under normal circumstances, lighting can be fully considered as long as the brightness is moderate, but the brightness of the desktop should be appropriately increased.

c) The bedroom is where the owner rests

The central chandelier, bedside spotlight, bedside wall lamp, and downlight must be controlled to create a quiet, gentle, and safe resting place. At the same time, it also needs to meet the owner’s requirements for different brightness, such as classification, reading, watching TV, and resting. According to different requirements, adjust the brightness of the light suitable for the body and soul and can reduce fatigue.

d) Kitchen

There should be sufficient brightness and local lighting should be provided.

e) Toilet

The toilet requirements are general, but if there are special requirements, such as makeup, it should have sufficient brightness and be equipped with local lighting.

f) Main considerations for research

In order to reduce eye fatigue caused by long-term reading, the color temperature should be close to the morning sun and non-flickering lights. The intelligent lighting system can use the remote control to adjust the brightness and switch off each group of lights at will.

Practicability and comfort are the two design principles of home lighting. In addition, personal style is also very important. Only in this way can we design a practical and comfortable family living environment.

All in all, the lighting system is the most common and basic system in our lives. Its wisdom will undoubtedly have a profound impact on life. It not only greatly facilitates our lives, but may also change people’s lifestyles to a certain extent, thereby improving people’s quality of life.

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