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Medical Fitness Highfive Solutions

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Highfive provides medical products that can be used in hospitals, homes, and wearable devices. And provides the freedom of innovation, which helps you to transform some of your innovative and innovative ideas from future visions into realistic markets. In this process, we can provide a one-stop service, including industrial design, structural design, hardware design, software development, background platform development, and App development for your needs.

We have more than 16 years of experience in program design and development, and can provide services from the beginning of the design to the delivery process. We not only have an experienced design team, but also our manufacturing center, based on PCB, display, touch screen, and hardware processing. Center, mold design, mold manufacturing, injection molding, metal stamping, surface treatment, assembly, testing, packaging.

Medical Fitness Product Solutions

Wearable activity monitor

Including headband EEG detection, which can detect brain waves, optimize and improve algorithms for human sleep quality, and optimize dreams.

Smartwatch sphygmomanometer

The blood pressure of the human body can be accurately measured, and the blood pressure of the human body can be monitored in real-time. When a foreign customer makes an SOS call to a family member, it plays a role in prevention and emergency treatment.

Patient monitor

Comprehensively detect the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen. Accuracy data can be collected and reported to the background so that the caregiver can take precise measures.

Blood glucose meter

A simple collection, analysis, processing, and reporting of human blood.


Perform accurate detection of the human body and provide medical staff with data-based reports so that accurate medical measures can be taken.

Home blood oxygen measurement

The blood oxygen saturation value is displayed.

Pulse rate value, bar graph display.

Low battery voltage indicator, the battery low battery indicator appears before the battery voltage is too low to work normally.

Automatically enter standby mode.

Temperature measurement

The solution uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller. The core IC has the characteristics of high integration, high anti-interference, high reliability, and ultra-low power consumption. It can be widely used in key medical electronic products such as forehead thermometers for epidemic prevention. The use of built-in integrated ADC and general-purpose peripheral components has the huge advantage of an easy collection of production materials, which is especially suitable for rapid production under the current epidemic conditions.

Wireless charging and disinfection lamp

It is a technology product integrating disinfection and sterilization functions and wireless charging functions. It allows customers to experience a sanitary and healthy life while enjoying the convenience of wireless charging. This product is suitable for masks, mobile phones, earphones, jewelry, glasses, The principle of disinfection and sterilization of cosmetics, watches and other items is to use a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light to act on the bacteria, thereby eliminating the bacteria.

In addition, this product is a safe fast charge, supports QI wireless charging protocol, can intelligently identify ordinary 5W and fast charge 10W, automatically power off when fully charged, the low temperature throughout the process, safe and convenient.

Handheld germicidal stick

Using UV-C deep ultraviolet disinfection technology can eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens. Compared with other disinfection products, this handheld germicidal stick will not leave any chemical substances or release odors when used. , You only need to quickly scan the items that need to be disinfected many times to quickly disinfect.


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