Smart Power Bank

QC3.0 & Type C Technology

Highfive Electronics offers a broad range of “power-supply enabled/specific” solutions and supporting power devices. While Traditional power supply designs use analog ICs with fixed functionality to provide regulated power, the Intelligent Power Supply integrates┬áDigital Signal Controller (DSC) for a fully programmable and flexible solution. Using digital control to implement power conversion functions, developers can realize many benefits for their design and business. These are enabled by the ability to perform the power conversion control via reprogrammable software and the performance and features of our PIC MCU and dsPIC DSC solutions. Below are some examples of Intelligent Power Supply functions:

Lowers System Component Count

  • Valuable board space can be made available for magnetics and power components
  • Power supply control, regulation and protection functions can be incorporated into the same device
  • Auxiliary functions, such as fan control and data logging, are easily integrated

Allows Configuration
for Different Applications

  • Power supply becomes a platform solution for many different applications
  • Can easily be reprogrammed
  • Supports different output voltage levels, operating limits and control inputs
  • Reduces inventory overhead and the support required for multiple platforms

System Efficiency

  • Can adapt to load changes to maximize efficiency by changing power supply switching frequency and control loop configuration
  • Monitor internal temperatures and enable cooling fans only when needed
  • Dynamically change control loop behavior for optimal system response