Industrial sensors are a key part of factory automation and Industry 4.0. Motion, environment, and vibration are used to monitor the health of equipment, including linear or angular positioning, tilt sensing, level, vibration, or fall detection.

Dedicated industrial motion senings based on micromechanical sensing (MEMS) components are suitable for Industry 4.0 applications, which have wide mechanical frequency sensing bandwidth, high reliability, stable measurement, and precise operation up to 105°C.

Highfive Sensor Solutions

Highfive Sensor Solutions

Industrial sensor


Industrial sensors are a key part of factory automation and Industry 4.0

Industrial sensing systems are usually powered by a 24V DC power supply, which is very different from sensors in consumer systems powered by 3V or 5V power supplies. As a result, industrial sensing systems require additional power management to effectively drive the sensors.

They use digital outputs, such as IO-Link, that go directly to microcontrollers and even wireless transceivers. The analog data output is usually regulated by an operational amplifier and linked to an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) in the microcontroller.

We provide a series of MEMS motion and environmental sensing, as well as a wide range of wired or wireless connectivity solutions.


In a factory automation environment, environmental sensing that measure temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and audible noise are usually powered by a 24V DC power supply. These sensing systems usually output data in digital format using the IO-Link communication protocol.

We provide a wide range of environmental sensors for industrial applications, including MEMS pressure, humidity and temperature sensors, and microphones. They all provide small size, repeatability, reliability, and low power consumption, thus realizing a compact and cost-effective wired and Wireless industrial sensor network.

In addition, DC-DC switches and linear regulators, and high-precision computing solutions.



As the core of machine vision systems, image sensing has been widely deployed in applications for counting physical items, calculating their weight and volume, and checking their shape.

Our high dynamic range (HDR) image sensor provides a series of key functions, including autofocus (AF) driver and lens shading correction (LSC) algorithm, so that high-performance industrial image sensing solutions can be designed.

Motion and Vibration

Motion and vibration sensing and detection play an important role in automation applications, including linear or angular positioning tilt and level, motor status monitoring, and vibration and drop detection. Inertial sensors are usually powered by a 24V DC power supply. Inertial sensors usually use IO-Link communication protocol to output data in analog or digital format.

We provide a variety of motion MEMS, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers, which have the characteristics of small size, repeatability, reliability, and low power consumption, thus realizing compact and cost-effective wired and wireless industrial sensing solutions.


Proximity solutions can detect the presence or distance of nearby objects without any physical contact.

Many principles can be used to construct them, including changing the capacitance or inductance of a metal target, infrared, or by measuring the time of flight (ToF) of photons in the beam.

We can achieve proximity sensing accurately to the millimeter level, regardless of the physical characteristics of the target reflecting surface.


Integrated Sensor Solutions 

In today’s high technology, industrial sensors play a key role in the accuracy and reliability of processing systems. However, such sensors must be rugged, able to work in an industrial environment, and must be small enough to be placed in a very limited space on an integrated printed circuit board (PCB). In addition, the challenge of degrading effects (such as in the light barrier) must be addressed. If you need high-quality industrial sensor solutions with value for money. We are a one-stop supplier with a complete portfolio of high-quality solutions that can provide everything you need from a high-quality source.

Our unique safety features will definitely exceed your expectations. We have a deep understanding of industrial sensor applications and are happy to help you develop suitable solutions for specific systems. Another advantage is that by choosing us, you will have the best solution for efficiency and cost savings.


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