Wireless charging

Wireless charging technology,  more and more mobile devices, an international fashion furniture brand launched to support Qi wireless charging standard furniture, wireless charging market will enter the explosive development period, the size of the manufacturers have invested in the market. Here are three wireless charging solutions based on the original wireless charging standard based on Qi.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging


Qi standard

Qi is the global alliance for the first wireless charging technology to promote standardization organization (Wireless charging sample Power Consortium, referred to as WPC) launched the “wireless charging standard, with convenient and universal two characteristics.

First of all, different brands of products, as long as there is a Qi logo, you can use Qi wireless charger charge. Secondly, it overcomes the technical bottleneck of wireless charging “universal”, in the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers,s, and other products can be charged with the Qi wireless charger, provide the possibility of large-scale application of wireless charging.

The market mainstream wireless charging technology mainly through three ways, namely electromagnetic induction, radio wave, and resonance effect, and Qi adopts the most mainstream electromagnetic induction technology.

In terms of technology applications, the Chinese company has stood at the forefront of the wireless charging industry. It is reported that Qi’s application in China is mainly mobile phones, this is the first stage, and later will be developed to use in different categories or higher power digital products.

There are some examples, please connect us if you have an idea.

5V Input transmitter

Function description

Second-generation digital wireless power control transmitter

Charge for portable devices, such as mobile phones

Input 5V direct current, output 10V alternating current

WPC compatible devices that can be powered are searched

Receive communication from a power supply device datagram and manage power delivery

Important features

Dynamic power limit (DPL)
5V running in line with the wireless power alliance (WPC) type A5 and the type A11 transmitter specification
Digital demodulation reduces components
Integrated charging status mode and fault indication

12V input transmitter

Functional description

Use three coils to send the extended position of the array free
Intelligent control of wireless power transmission

Applications available in WPC 1.1, mobile, on-board, and desktop charging
Three coils send array: charging area 70mm * 20MM
12V DC input, 5V AC output

Important features

Digital demodulation reduces components

Foreign object detection (FOD)

Enhanced parasitic metal inspection (PMOD) ensures safety

Overcurrent protection

LED indication for charging status and fault status

Consistent with the wireless power alliance (WPC) A6 transmission specificatio


Functional block diagram

Functional description

Wireless charging receiver

Charge for portable devices, such as mobile phones

The coil receives 10V alternating current

Maximum output 5V/1A direct current

A communication signal from a wireless charging transmitter can be processed

Important features:

93% overall peak AC-DC efficiency

Communication control according to WPC v1.1 standard

Output voltage regulation

Low power dissipation rectifier overvoltage clamp (VOVP = 15V)
Thermal shutdown


NXP 5V Qi wireless charging solutions

1. program introduction

NXP NXQ1TXA5 wireless charging transmitter is designed for use after size and cost optimization of the 5 V wireless charger offers excellent performance, the product integrates all functions, including power control, signal processing, on-chip current and voltage measurement and full-bridge output power level, the standby power rating of less than 10 mW.

Based on the ultra-high integration and advanced functions, the product can reduce the occupied space and reduce the standby power consumption. In addition to the Qi coil and the resonant capacitor, the NXQ1TXA5 requires less than ten external components. Because of the small number of pins, it can be used in very small 32 lead HVQFN packages (SOT617-3) with an area of 5 x, 5 mm, and a distance of 0.5 mm. The package size is small and the number of external components is small, which means that it can be designed to use lower-cost PCB. The entire transmitter design can be installed in less than 2cm2 (1/3 square inches) of PCB area.

NXQ1TXA5 integrated on low power CoolFluxTM DSP technology, and many other high-performance mixed-signal functions, such as very low power equipment testing, the standby period for detecting security wireless charging (FOD). The CoolFluxTM DSP processor performs ASK demodulation to ensure reliable interoperability. Ultra-low power circuit can be placed in special detection equipment on the wireless charger, NXQ1TXA5 will adjust the FOD function to maintain backward compatibility with the Qi wireless power receiver, compatible with earlier versions of Qi low power standard.

NXQ1TXA5 can be powered by either the USB port or the USB charger. Using on-chip intelligent power supplies, the NXQ1TXA5 is able to detect a drop in the power supply voltage and accordingly reduce the transmitter output power. This allows us to use low output power USB ports in our designs. To minimize the standby power dissipation, the NXQ1TXA5 can be powered by the NXP TEA1720, an efficient GreenChip SMPS controller. The total standby power consumption of SMPS and NXQ1TXA5 based on TEA1720 has reached the highest 5 star standard of low standby power consumption for smartphone chargers.

2.NXQ1TXA5 block diagram Qi A5 reference design block diagram

3. program characteristics

• A5/A11 launcher conforming to the Qi Standard Version 1.1.2
Fully integrated transmitter without external active components

• low power technology based on CoolFluxTM DSP

• solutions require only a few components

• small product package: HVQFN32 (5, x, 5, mm)

Standby power dissipation is less than 10 mW, including device detection

• supports smart power supplies, providing low-power power interfaces

• advanced ASK processing by DSP

• the adaptive FOD switch switches between version 1 and version 1.1 automatically


4. program advantages

• the program itself is very compact

• the charger does not waste electrical energy when it is in standby mode

• and 5-volt adapters are used when the total standby power rating is less than 30 mW, reaching the highest level of 5-star smartphone charger standards

• use DSP signal processing to ensure reliable interoperability

• safe operation with the use of FOD and optional NTC

Can choose to increase the NXP NTAG I2C – NFC Technology

• proven to be compatible with Qi and interoperable with existing Qi receivers

5. Scheme Application

• 5 V (USB power) wireless charging board

• compact portable economy wireless charger

• very suitable for smartphones with wireless Qi charger


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