Advertising Player

LCD advertising machine also named digital signage. LCD advertising machine adopts LCD display screen to play video ads, multimedia technology is especially suitable for high-end brands, deliver a full range of product information, promotion information to consumers.

Enhance the product sales in the terminal display and display effect, stimulate impulse buying. It is placed in the store next to the product, can automatically open publicity. Compared to other traditional media and promotion, investment is very low, cost is very effective.

LCD  Advertising Player Unique

1 Advertising Player Wide Audience

The flow of the crowd is the biggest advantage of the LCD advertising audience, which makes the LCD advertising machine has a broad living space, and do not have to worry about the traditional TV squeeze. The traditional TV audience is fixed in a certain place relatively “static” crowd, this kind of audience’s peak is mainly concentrated in the evening.

During the day the city crowd is busy with work, not too much time to sit down and watch TV, traditional TV audience narrowed, mainly in the home of the old and young audience.

On the contrary, a large number of mobile phone users to make the LCD advertising system audience becomes wider, the object of the LCD advertising machine, including the city’s various types of transport vehicles and densely populated areas of the floating population.

LCD advertising system tentacles can be extended to the city bus, subway, taxi and other railway trains and other systems. Data show that Beijing subway traffic per day as high as 1 million 300 thousand passengers. A medium-sized city bus up to 2000 ~ 5000, the floating population of less than 3 million people, the number of private cars is also growing rapidly.

National train carrying capacity reached 1 billion 300 million passengers in 2003 staggering figure. Such a large audience market is the traditional TV “blind spots” just let LCD advertising system dominate, the potential commercial value is high, astute investors aware of nature.

2 Digital Technology

There is no denying that every technological innovation has promoted the development of social productive forces, and the media industry is more dependent on technology.

Digital mobile TV using digital technology, high technology content, technical innovation, LCD advertising machine function has been provided by the simple VCD player to DVD audio effect, CRT displays the original LCD is gradually being replaced by the lighter and thinner, LCD advertising machine has become the future development trend of radio and television.

3 Instant Communication

AD Player A 1

Traditional TV , people must sit in a fixed place to watch. This is a luxury for everyone. Digital mobile TV and LCD advertising machine, people can see mobile TV whenever and wherever possible to get more information, update, greatly satisfy people fast-paced society in the demand for information, but also enrich the cultural life of the people.

Even in the case of traffic jams, you can also see the clear and interesting TV programs to eliminate trouble.

4 Advantages of the revival of monopolistic communication

The “interactive communication” under the background of monopoly and the spread of passive receiving defects in the field of communication, we used in LCD advertising machine which is a special media, “passive reception” has become a big advantage.

The traditional TV media, the audience has relatively initiative — on television switched to advertising, people are more willing to change channels, to avoid the subjective “advertising bombing”, to a certain extent undermined the advertisement effect.

The audience can choose when to see, what to see, at any time to change the channel, the effect of advertising communication is not ideal. The LCD advertising machine, which is a special media, because of its uniqueness and coercion, so that monopoly has become a major advantage.

The audience for the LCD advertising machine because in a relatively passive state of mobile “, on the LCD advertising machine preset communication content basically” remote control “selectivity, of the dissemination of the contents of a preset will be considered, unless the eyes, otherwise you have to accept the broadcast content.

LCD advertising machine, this monopoly spread, although deprived of the hands of the audience “and” channel change rights, but for those fixed commuters and other groups, but is conducive to the cultivation of social masses of watching the same LCD advertising programs and advertisements of self awareness or habits.

From the psychological perspective, in mobile car or state consumers, “nothing to do” free time also will spontaneously to search for more information, dissemination of information so as not to conflict LCD advertising, which for some predefined content (such as advertising), the spread effect is better, so that the advertising effect can be guaranteed.

5 Full of temptation of advertising price

Advertisers need the best cost-effective advertising, their products or brand information passed to the target consumers, LCD advertising can be said to provide advertisers with a new, super value choice.

First, LCD advertising all day broadcast, the audience can watch all day.

According to statistics, the urban population on the bus access to advertising information for at least 40 minutes or so, which is undoubtedly a very important advertising.
Moreover, the liquid crystal advertising can be different for the audience, broadcast different programs and advertising content, so that each time has become the prime time of advertising.

In general, LCD advertising for consumers in a fixed place to travel, the basic guarantee that they can see the majority of mobile TV broadcast this week in a week.

Second, wide audience, all are most valuable people.

As mentioned, a wide audience and the floating population is the biggest advantage of large LCD advertising audience, including city buses, commercial vehicles, taxis, private cars, commercial buildings and future coverage of the train, intercity bus, banks, hospitals and other telecom business of each system, the communication or service included between the city and the city crowded area of the floating population.

These audiences have both the general consumer groups and the mainstream consumer groups, so the nature of liquid crystal advertising mandatory viewing media, the spread of consumer goods, should be a good choice.

6 Content Availability

LCD advertising system is a unified investment and construction by the media companies and transportation systems, the audience does not need to increase personal investment and consumption costs, just pay attention resources, easy for the audience to accept. From this point of view, the popularity of liquid crystal advertising is a kind of both profit and social welfare nature of the cause.

7 Maximum Information Utilization

How to make the information available to the largest number of people and the greatest economic and social benefits, has been the focus of media attention and thinking. The utilization of information resources of traditional TV media is far from its value. Profit maximization.

8 LCD Advertising machine brings new opportunities for advertisers

Now the spread is relatively fixed, the majority of consumers complained of stereotyped advertising, but who also can not escape, are passive, it depends on who the advertising creative advertising, whose effect is good, everyone will be advertising content constantly sublimation.

On the other hand, looking for a new media carrier, and LCD advertising machine is able to solve the problem of the new media, and the majority of the audience and it is the vast number of consumers the full range, so this new advertisement carrier is easier to get consumers’ attention, thus advertising more in place, more influential.

First, the high advertisement arrival rate can quickly and effectively launch an advertising campaign, due to the special mode of transmission of LCD advertising, spread widely, especially buses, taxis and other public transport, driving ten hours on the road every day, can convey the advertising information to tens of thousands of passengers.

Second, compared with newspapers, radio and other media, video advertising thousands of people cost (CMP) is relatively low, only a dozen newspapers, radio and other media costs of more than a dozen people, the relative cost savings advertising.

Third, compared with the cable TV media, the advertising capacity is large, the content is fast and the information continuity is good. Large population mobility, high media coverage, high attention to passengers.

Fourth, compared with outdoor advertising, it has stronger readability, visibility and the integrity of the dissemination of information and other advantages.

Fifth, the TV ads more sense of three-dimensional, more vivid colors, more continuous movement characteristics, compared to the plane advertising more advantages, especially for the brand image promotion.

Design Essentials

Stores (counters) design should follow the principle of unity, well-proportioned, affordable movement of. We believe that we should be based on the sale of goods of the type and size, color and texture, group and individual, appearance and character of the terminal stores location, determine a “style” or “theme”, and then in the basis of communication, design, business, prompting four design elements to the appearance of digital signage (color, design, material).

Type (size, horizontal machine, vertical machine, and bare metal) installation point selection: color, pattern and material composition of digital signage “face” of this “face” how makeup is on the basis of the corporate color, store style, dynamic line and space, light vision; models the choice is flexible.

Each one has its own merits of different styles of performance, the choice of the size of the store according to the space position and size, usually 15 – 42 inches is suitable, convenient installation, small and exquisite, large.

The eye shake, of great momentum, the machine has the advantages of flexible and convenient on release characteristics, vertical machine display three-dimensional, novel, especially suitable for clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and other publishing stores, bare metal is removed from the shell, built-in installation type.

Because of its hidden in the wall, only the display, so it is very easy to integrate into the the store is on the market environment, the most common and most perfect installation; the installation site for reference, including the store window image background wall, cashier, dressing rooms, shelves, shelves, general cashier for flat small size digital signage, such as 15, 17, 19 inch, window, background the wall hanging 32, 42 inch medium.

Usage method

Digital signage release channel is the Internet remote control system, realize the brand enterprise headquarters of the chain store to each terminal remote setting and management, so conducive to enterprise unified, comprehensive marketing, corporate headquarters is the source of information, the general municipal department.

Planning department and planning department director. According to market research and summary, we divide the information release into four categories:

First, is the enterprise brand window, to showcase the company’s image and style. Including corporate publicity, advertising, through the release of information to allow customers to learn more about the enterprise, to show the style of the enterprise.

The brand is three-dimensional, in addition to the mass media, the target consumer terminal direct contact point communication brand, brand elements with the help of the media, from the process of radiation is brand building;

Two, is a product display and experience platform for customer simulation experience. Release of new products from the market and customer feedback to the sample data analysis are available through the digital terminal scientifically; display products of raw materials, production process and technology, not only for consumers to understand the product source, also let them use the rest assured;

Three, through direct marketing activities preheating body, realize the commodity currency to the “goal”.

The purpose of all marketing is to sell, according to the survey, the consumer behavior of 3\4 is achieved in the terminal. Before the holiday, anniversary and other major promotional period, through the digital terminal PR, preheating, gradually set off the season; quiz, quiz, discount cards, coupons and other content is to let customers get real benefits;

Four, is a bridge between the enterprise and the staff, staff training information for many years, so that the line of sales will always maintain combat effectiveness.

The first three are around the customer marketing, the latter is the internal publishing system. (brand information) commercials after the mass media to the audience, when in the store shopping district in the audience to enter the store as a potential customer, then through advertising film “two media” call and guidance, it’s easy to accept the brand to the consumer.

Basic Function

Full audio and video synchronization, broadcast delay within one second

Real time editing, playing audio and video, pictures, subtitles and other multimedia content

Support a variety of audio and video and image formats, playback quality up to the high definition (1920*1080I/P) level

Support Chinese and English subtitles, subtitles display

Remote distributed program transmission and management, real-time monitoring of a large number of broadcast terminal operating state

The program order and playing mode are controlled by the program

Time transfer material and program

Support local and remote playback mode

The broadcast terminal is automatically started to play the specified program list, and the utility model can support the regular sleep and recovery

Multiple video output interface

Support all existing IP networks, support various transport protocols and provide quality of service guarantees

Support for remote upgrade, no technical personnel to play terminal operations

Can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer split screen display


System characteristics

Specialized function

Integrated information editing, transmission, broadcast and terminal management, real-time monitoring as a whole, complete, professional features, fully meet the needs of different industries, different needs of users

Flexible management mode

Unique partition packet management mode, the use of distributed management, support for remote or local control, diversification of management methods, allowing users to easily manage a large number of broadcast terminals

Super high stability

Embedded design, free from computer virus attacks, plug and play, safe and reliable

Strong extensibility

Relying on the network platform, the use of distributed design, free to play the number of terminals

Humanized operation design

No professional equipment, simple and friendly user interface, easy to operate

Tailor made

Advertising machine can be customized according to customer needs a variety of system functions, such as sub screen display

Video output 480I, 480P, 720P HD output

The basic language menu: Chinese, English

The speaker will have super timing function, can be set up 5 time every day, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day without the need of personnel management

Sales support water matrix function, only the water stored directly in the text font card which can be: you can loop advertising quotations, rolling water at the bottom of the screen)

Sales support playlist function, you can set the playback file every day

Sales have file rename, move, delete, create a directory function

Sales support breakpoint memory function: when the product causes the power cut off, restart the power failure or other reasons, advertising machine can memory power before the broadcast, then boot power before the show continues to play, so as to avoid all programs and start playing the embarrassment.

Sales support calendar function

Sales support angle display function: making your own logo hanging on the machine, increase visibility, expand the brand benefit. (and ordinary household TV programs can see CCTV TV function)

The speaker will support the OTG function, between the card and the card mutual copy program

Sales support to generate log files function: administrators can view ads broadcast program recording machine at any time, the log file is generated in the CF card, simply copying the computer to see. Accurate to the second, let the managers and advertisers working state aware of advertising, advertisers get the trust, the icing on the cake for your business.

Sales. Playback synchronization: synchronization points or screen synchronization according to the time code

Sales support play background music of the picture (open background music, playing background music pictures MP3 automatically according to the order of play, play picture mode can have the middle to both sides, left to right, top to wait for a variety of models, the picture playback speed can be 5S, 10S and other multi time control)

Sales support software upgrade immediately

Have the basic functions: safety lock with anti-theft lock, prevent the machine or the storage device is stolen.

Have the basic password lock function: you can set the machine password, you must enter a password every time the program change, so as to avoid malicious DiaoHuan CF card, playing other programs.

Sales of digital broadcast, no mechanical wear, can work for a long time, to adapt to the environment of strong earthquake, strong performance, especially in the mobile environment, more competent.

The basic of high brightness, wide viewing angle, quality to meet DVD quality, suitable for high-end users to display products

The basic of screen surface mount super thin high transparence toughened glass or acrylic protective layer to protect the LCD screen damage

An installation of the special back button, simple and firm without destroying the structure of hanging body

Sales support vertical screen

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