IoT Cloud Platform

We have been committed to the ODM and OEM of electronic products for 17 years, and the customized IoT cloud platform is committed to creating an interconnected platform standard, connecting brands, OEM manufacturers, developers, retailers and the intelligent needs of various industries. Based on the global public cloud, the IoT development platform realizes the interconnection of smart scenarios and smart devices, carrying millions of device requests and interactions every day.

Customized platform services cover hardware development tools, IoT cloud services, and smart business development, creating a one-stop product intelligence and IoT application development experience, providing brand customers with comprehensive support from technology to marketing channels.

A general development solution that supports an asset user system based on the ecology of smart devices and the industry, custom-built asset structures that meet various business needs, connects devices and APIs through the distribution network tools provided by our development services, and outputs highly competitive industries solution.

For example, smart life solution providers purchase our customized or standard smart devices, and build a smart life platform + App application system through asset management devices.

What’s the IoT Cloud Platform?

It is a distributed cross-platform operating system based on RTOS, Linux, Non-OS and other intelligent hardware and applied to the Internet of Things (IoT) field for full connection and all scenarios.

Through the formulation and design of the platform kernel (Kernel) standard, you can be liberated from the bad fragmented development experience of different chip platforms, CPU/MCU/SOC system architectures and connection communication protocols, and focus on the development of your own business. And one-time development, multi-terminal availability, security and stability to speed up product launch. Let some intelligent hardware with different communication methods (communication protocols) work easily on the cloud platform.

The overall architecture is designed in a way of layered and pluggable components, which can be freely tailored according to the chip resource status to generate a development framework that meets resource requirements. Through our unique DP protocol and self-developed efficient RPC communication mechanism, all products using our developed platform can be applied to different communication protocols and can be interconnected.

WIFI Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

Generate library files based on development environment and compilation options. Then integrate the library files into your own SDK and adapt the relevant API interfaces. After the adaptation is complete, develop the application code to complete the product intelligence.

4G LTE Cat.1 Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

With SDK, you can integrate the SDK code into your own system, call the relevant API interface for application code development, and then complete the device access.

Display Screen Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

Generate library files based on your chip development environment and compilation chain tools, provide you with dynamic link library (.so) or static library (.a) to integrate into existing devices, and call related interfaces to complete the application Code development, you can use the app to scan the code and configure the network to connect the device to the IoT platform to realize product intelligence.

Audio Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

Generates library files based on your development environment and compilation options. You integrate the library files into your own SDK and adapt the relevant API interfaces. After the adaptation is complete, you can develop the application code. Complete product intelligence.

Bluetooth Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

Generate library files based on the development environment and compilation options, integrate the library files into the SDK, and adapt the relevant API interfaces. After the adaptation is completed, develop the application code to complete the product intelligence.

Bluetooth Mesh Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

Standard Bluetooth Mesh access protocol and access method, refer to relevant access standards, and access according to the protocol.

Zigbee Device Access to IoT Cloud Platform

The SDK of Zigbee protocol, which encapsulates interface functions such as Zigbee protocol stack, application callback, and application functions, calls related interface functions for application code development, and can quickly complete product intelligence without worrying about complex functional logic.

Gateway Access to IoT Cloud Platform

A networking development kit based on a standard Linux system that you integrate into the device’s software to complete gateway development.

The development package encapsulates the general interface of the standard gateway. The specific business implementation needs to be developed independently by you. The downlink protocol type of the gateway developed by this solution is completely defined and developed by you. Therefore, the gateway developed in this solution can only be connected to the sub-devices you developed. Support access to other ecological sub-devices.

Expansion development kits and standard Zigbee modules based on standard Linux systems can be integrated into the device to complete gateway development. Compared with the gateway basic networking access solution, the Zigbee module that burns the gateway firmware, the module acts as a Zigbee network coordinator, and can directly access the corresponding ecological Zigbee sub-devices, and also supports your own development and access to self-developed ones. Zigbee devices and other protocol devices, this solution is more functional and flexible.

The integrated gateway development kit provides gateway capabilities in addition to the basic cloud connection capabilities. At the same time, it can also integrate infrared, central control, related ecological Zigbee gateways, Bluetooth LE gateways, routers and repeaters, and non-inductive distribution networks.

Smart Home Device Access IoT Cloud Platform

Provide a central control development kit, you can integrate it into the device to complete the development of the central control device, support the whole house management, and include the sub-devices under the family in the management, and have realized the reading device/reading scene/configuring the device/equipment Status reporting and other functions encapsulate categories such as lamps, switches, sockets, air-conditioning curtains, etc. At the same time, it supports the control of sub-devices and Wi-Fi items in the LAN environment, and supports online and offline perception.


NB-IoT Device Access IoT Cloud Platform

Provide development kits and standard modules that support the NB-IoT protocol. The development kit encapsulates functions such as uplink and downlink communication, OTA, and data analysis. You can port the development kit to the MCU for interface adaptation and call related interfaces. After the application code development is completed, the product intelligence can be realized.

Device Programming

After the application code is developed, the firmware and corresponding firmware need to be burned into the device before connecting to the IoT cloud platform.

Different development schemes and different communication protocols have different programming methods for devices. According to whether you need to program by yourself, it can be divided into the following two types of programming.

For the zero-code development solution and the MCU SDK development solution, the provided modules have already burned firmware and authorization codes, and you can use them directly without burning authorization.

Programming of authorization code

For other SDK development solutions, after you develop the application code, you need to burn the firmware and authorization code by yourself to verify the application code function. The programming methods of different chip platforms are different. For details, please refer to the detailed documentation of each chip in the Burning Authorization directory.

IoT Cloud platform Function Debugging

When debugging functions, it is often necessary to view the device log data in the cloud to determine the problem. For details, please refer to the device log.

IOT Cloud Platform OTA Upgrading

The IoT cloud platform supports a variety of upgrade methods. You only need to upload the upgrade firmware to the IoT cloud platform, configure the upgrade method and upgrade text, and then push the upgrade and complete the device OTA upgrade. For detailed instructions on OTA upgrade, please Refer to Firmware Upgrading.


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