Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

What are the main contents and goals of building energy efficiency?

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Renewable Energy Highfive Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

Renewable Energy Highfive Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

(l) Energy saving of building envelope

The building envelope includes windows, walls, roofs, etc., to improve the thermal performance of the building envelope, so that the heat energy supplied to the building can be effectively used inside the building, and it will not be quickly lost through the envelope structure, so as to achieve The purpose of reducing energy consumption.

Realize the energy saving of the enclosure structure, improve the airtight performance of doors, windows, and walls, so as to reduce heat transfer loss and air infiltration to consume heat energy.

(2) Energy-saving heating system

The heating system includes three parts: a heat source, a heating network, and indoor heating facilities. It is necessary to improve the operating efficiency of the boiler and the transmission efficiency of the pipe network, so as not to cause excessive loss of heat energy during the conversion and transmission process.

Therefore, the equipment performance of the heating system must be improved, the design, construction, and installation level must be improved, and the operation management technology must be improved.

For indoor heating facilities, technical measures such as double-pipe entry, household metering, and room temperature control should be adopted, and a heating metering and charging system should be implemented, so that households are not only energy consumers, but also energy savers, and mobilize people to take the initiative to save energy. Enthusiasm to fully realize the benefits of building energy conservation.

(3) Development and use of renewable energy

The development and use of renewable energy is the direction of building energy consumption. Renewable energy is clean energy, which refers to the resources that can be continuously regenerated, used forever, inexhaustible, and inexhaustible in nature. It is harmless or extremely harmful to the environment and the resources are widely distributed, so it is suitable for on-site development and utilization.

Renewable energy Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

mainly includes solar energy, wind energy, aquatic biomass energy, geothermal energy, and ocean energy.

According to incomplete statistics, at the end of 2006, my country’s annual renewable energy utilization totaled 200 million tons of standard coal, (excluding traditional biomass energy), which accounted for about 8% of my country’s total primary energy consumption, an increase from 2005 0.5 percentage point, this is a solid step towards the 2010 goal of renewable energy accounting for 10% of the country’s primary energy.

a. Wind energy of Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

Wind energy refers to the energy carried by the wind. The magnitude of wind energy depends on the wind speed and the density of the air. Some islands in the north and southeast coastal areas of my country are rich in wind energy resources. According to relevant data from the National Meteorological Department, my country’s land-based wind energy resources are 253 million kilowatts, mainly distributed on the southeast coast and islands, Xinjiang, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, and the northeast.

In addition, my country’s offshore wind energy resources are also very rich, preliminary estimates are about three times that of terrestrial wind energy resources, and the total amount of resources that can be developed and utilized is 750 million kilowatts.

b. Solar of Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

Solar energy refers to the energy loaded by the sun, and its measurement is generally based on the total amount of radiation that hits the ground by sunlight, including the sum of the sun’s direct radiation and the sky’s scattered radiation.

The main ways of using solar energy are photovoltaic (solar battery) power generation system, which directly converts solar energy into electricity; solar energy concentrating system, which uses the heat of the sun to generate electricity; passive solar house; solar water heating system; solar heating and cooling.

c. Hydropower of Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

The flow of water can generate energy, and electricity is generated by capturing the energy of the flow of water, which is called hydropower. As of the end of 2006, the national hydropower installed capacity reached 125 million kW, and the annual power generation was 390 billion kWh, accounting for 13% of the country’s total power generation.

my country’s hydropower survey, design, construction, installation, and equipment manufacturing have reached international standards, and a complete industrial system has been formed. According to my country’s mid-and long-term energy and renewable energy plan, my country’s installed hydropower capacity will reach 300 million kW by 2020, of which 125 million kW of small hydropower. Therefore, small hydropower has always occupied an important position in my country’s energy and renewable energy supply.

d. Biomass energy of Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

Biomass energy includes various plants that can be used for energy purposes in nature, human and livestock excrement, and energy converted from urban and rural organic waste, such as fuelwood, biogas, biodiesel, fuel ethanol, forestry processing waste, crop straw, and urban organic waste. , Industrial and agricultural organic wastewater and other wild plants.

Biomass energy utilization uses agricultural and forestry wastes and environmental pollutants such as crop straw, livestock manure, forest product waste, organic garbage as raw materials, and uses biomass conversion technology for harmless and resource treatment.

At the end of 2006, the cumulative installed capacity of biomass power generation nationwide was 2.2 million kW, of which bagasse cogeneration was 1.7 million kW; agricultural and forestry waste, agricultural biogas, direct burning of garbage, and landfill gas generated 500,000 kW.

In 2006, the national and local development and reform commissions approved 39 biomass energy direct-fired power generation projects with a total installed capacity of 1.284 million kW. The investment is estimated to be 10.03 billion yuan. In 2006, 54,000 kW was completed. In addition, 30,000 kW of biomass gasification and landfill gas power generation were completed in 2006, and there are still 90,000 kW under construction.

e. Geothermal energy of Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

Geothermal energy is the thermal energy stored in underground rocks and fluids. It can be used to generate electricity, as well as heat and cool buildings. According to calculations, the total amount of potential geothermal resources in the world is equivalent to 49.3 billion tons of standard coal per year.

my country is rich in geothermal resources. According to the data from the Ministry of Land and Resources, the amount of underground hot water resources that can be developed and utilized throughout the country is about 6.7 billion cubic meters per year, equivalent to 32.83 million tons of standard coal. At present, the annual utilization of geothermal energy is about 445 million cubic meters, ranking first in the world, and it is growing at a rate of nearly 10% every year.

f. Ocean energy of  Major Energy Saving Tips Tricks

Ocean energy is the general term for tidal energy, wave energy, temperature difference energy, salinity difference energy, and ocean current energy. The ocean receives stores and emits energy through various physical processes. These energies exist in the ocean in the form of tides, waves, temperature differences, and ocean currents. Among.

For example, the form of tide originates from the attraction of the moon and the sun to the earth. The energy loaded between the rising tide and the low tide is called tidal energy; the tide and wind form ocean waves, thereby generating wave energy; the sun shines on the surface of the ocean, So that the upper and bottom of the ocean form a temperature difference, thereby forming a temperature difference energy. All these forms of ocean energy can be used to generate electricity.

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