USB Type C

Apple new product release on March 9, 2015, held in the United States , new MacBook redefined the connectivity standard, put power supply interface, USB interface, DP interface, HDMI interface and VGA interface with USB – C to host, with the coming of Type – C connector, all of these would be changed.The most obvious feature of the USB -Type C is positive and negative can be inserted! This is also a USB – C technology application in consumer laptops for the first time.

Technical characteristics

USB 3.0 promotion team has released the next generation of USB connector Type – C on December, 2013.

Interface design, Rendering, then began ready for mass production on August, 2014. The highlight of the new interface is more thin design, faster transmission speed (maximum 10 GBps) and stronger power transmission (maximum 100 w). Type – C double-side pluggable interfaces the biggest characteristic is to support the double sided insert USB interface, formal solved the “USB plug difficulty” worldwide problem, both the top and bottom side could be inserted. At the same time supporting the use of USB cable with it must also be a finer and more portable.

USB Type – C has the following features:
1. The maximum data transfer rate of 10 Gbit/s, is also a USB 3.1 standard;
2. Type – C interface end socket size is about 8.3 mm x 2.5 mm thin design;
3. Support from both sides can be inserted “, it can withstand plug repeating 10k times.
4. Equipped with the connector Type – C standard specifications cables can be by 3A current, is also supported beyond existing USB power supply capacity of the USB PD, can provide the maximum power of 100W.

Appearance characteristics

1. The ultra-thin
A thinner body need thinner port, this is also one of the reasons for the USB – C was born.USB port C  is 0.83 cm long, 0.26 cm wide. The old USB port 1.4 cm long, 0.65 cm wide is outdated.This also means that the USB – C cable type will be standard USB – at the end of Type C is third of the size  Type A .
2. No positive and negative
Like apple Lightning interface, USB – C port, top side and the other is the same.That is to say, no matter how you insert the port are correct.The user does not have to worry about positive and negative problems brought by the traditional USB port.

Main functions

1. Quick
In theory, the highest transfer rate of USB port – C 10 GB per second. Apple said the new USB – C port maximum transfer rate of 5 GBPS. The maximum output voltage is 20 v, can accelerate the charging time.The USB – type A, so far the limit transfer rate of 5 GBPS, output voltage of 5 v.
2, Versatile 
New MacBook USB – C port can carry on the charge, can also be used as a data transmission, video output port link external display device.The only question is how Apple would want to do these three things at the same time to the user.
3. The two-way
USB port, not like the old port,power can only be one-way transmission, USB – C port of the power transmission is a two-way, which means that it can have two types of sending power.So, the user can not only use a notebook to recharge for mobile devices, also can use other equipment or mobile power bank to recharge for notebook batteries.
4. The backward compatibility
USB – C can be compatible with the old standard of USB, but users need to purchase additional adapter to complete compatible. Apple will not only sell the adapter, may also authorize the third party company production.

The main drivers of USB – C interface standard, which include apple, Intel, Google and Microsoft, etc.